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  1. Nice cash pile you got given fo fr33 l0l, but you know what i think =P
  2. Not your typical help thread... I have been given the task of designing a header for a friend who owns a runescape forum (mind you its alot smaller than this) and currently im at a loss of general Runescape pictures. Things like. - Castle wars trips - Fight pits trips - Boss monsters - General group activities - Single achievments (big hits ect) Think you guys could help me out by posting up some pictures for me to use? Please and thankyou :D
  3. Curs3d

    Mage Pk Bank

    Do you even MB pk...? If so you musnt be a very high level pker... :wall: 3\10
  4. I hit a 29 with a bronze longsword at giant skeletons once :S Just goes to show how bad the RS food system (pking related) is getting ahaha.
  5. Now you tell me, WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE :@@@@@@@ Oh i'll tell you for the stupid and dimwitted. I have all healers on my and JAD is HEALING HIMSELF....
  6. Mornings end part 1 is an achievement, you dont see many pures doing that. Though all the other quests you have done are done by most pures...
  7. Well after recently being hacked on my main (close to 350m) I quit for 2 weeks to get my act together... Wasnt sure if i should quit entirely or sort through some of my old pures and see what i could come up with... I looked through about 4 of my old accounts mainly level 20-40 pkers that had really bad names and didnt really look like i could turn them into anything... I then found my level 3 backup account which had 20m Rs gp on it sitting there as a backup O:) Anyway i started watching pk vids again and found a few of 8 stealth 8's old vids, the ones where he was still 31 pray and 60 attack.... Old school pker So this is when i decided i wanted to start working towards stats like that. But instead of being the chaos gaunt rune plate guy i would adapt to newer times and get barrows gloves and fighter top along the way. So far with 2 weeks into my training i have now got 56 56 41 with 15 prayer 50 mage and 50 range. Among those achievements i've also finnished, Monkey madness, Adamant gloves, Fremenik trials, D slayer and i have almost finnished the stats for hero's. As you can imagine some of these quests are fairly hard to do on a low defence character, let alone having to do them without 60 attack becuase of the attack exp rewards from finnishing these quests. My goals: In the short term views i want to obtain, Rune gloves 60 60 45 70 Range 31 prayer (through prequests for barrows gloves, also giving me quest points for the 175qp requirement. Another reason why i have been doing so many quests before 60 attack) In the long term views i want to obtain, Fighter torso, Desert treasure, 60 85 45 85 Magic 85 Range 31 prayer possibly up to 52 and attempt firecape. Thankyou for your time reading this post and any constructive critisism will be welcomed Keep in mind i have a level 114 main on which i have been playing for 2 years... In otherwords i have the capacity of obtaining these goals in a fairly short ammount of time :)
  8. I've got over 50+ whip kills 3 doesnt faze me. Not to mention i've got Rune kills that far outwiegh those 3 whips. The 50 sets of rune from those whip kills is probly about the same worth as those 3 kills *rolls eyes*
  9. *Yawn* Dagger, Dagger, Dagger, Rune arrows, Dagger, OO a glory!, Dagger, Rune arrows, Dagger... What fun. God i cant wait to finnish getting barrows gloves and finnish up my 45 def and use my maxed bonus's at your combat to kill some of you pures for your whips -.-;
  10. Yea i couldnt find a decent tony hawk logo to use so i kinda had to improvise... And as for the "ps2" logo Playstation is a company that is their logo. Sure there is a ps2 logo but playstation as a company use that as their logo.
  11. Im not quite sure what you've done to it. Did you make it using a 3d rendering program or is it just an image you've editted in photoshop or something?
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