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  1. where is best place to buy these?
  2. according to tip it guide mahogony burners and marble burners give same exp boost.... is this true? cause i was looking at putting in a guilded alter and if i could save almost 1.3mil by putting in mahogony instead of marble this would be great if this has alrdy beed asked could someone point me to the discussion of it plz thx
  3. its not that hard just takes time and dedication
  4. can someone tell me how to use this spell?
  5. yes u can tyvm....i forgot all about buying them their :)
  6. nope tried getting from oziach and that didnt work...and i was hoping there might be another way:( thx
  7. is there anyway to get a new key to melzar's maze if u lost the 1 u got during dragon slayer quest? and if not is there another way to get into it?
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