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  1. It's ashame you can't have a war these days without people looting & crashing, etc, etc. Then again, I guess no war has ever really been like that. From what it looks like, ds deserve a congrats, though they beat di I'm sure di are still going to own the wild, I hope ds is ready for that.
  2. Where have you been td already beat gladz and I'm unaware of td ever declaring war on us so what makes you think they are going after us?
  3. prayer most of the time, and herblaw the rest
  4. They really do need a death alter at the very least, I guess they're just taking their time trying to figure out how to add it to the game without it being too easy & without too many people getting POed about it.
  5. Home Alone 3, I mean, what's up with that crap
  6. Makes sense to add them to f2p -Baccon
  7. haha, I guess if you're Devil's early is being on time
  8. Heh, you guys are really sad, anything else you want to accuse us of, without proof, cause it's making you look really childish.
  9. What's amazing the hell out of me is all you people "seen" unskulled zf coming back up but not one of you were smart enough to take a pic of this. So either you're lying or just couldn't figure out how to take a pic. Every single time there is some kind of excuse, admit it was a decent war, that you lost, and that someday we'll fight again.
  10. why do I get the feeling you made that up? I just wished the war would have went differently, but still an ok war
  11. looks good dj, add me in rs & I'll pay you for it when I get on later today when I get home :)
  12. I'll pay you 100K for one Cool red & black design Baccon 100+ Combat / 88+ Thieving
  13. I'll pay you 100K for one Cool red & black design Baccon 100+ Combat / 88+ Thieving
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