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  1. I'm at greaters (and giant bats) both drop assorted charms (crimson, gold, blue, and green) not in any numbers worth the telegrab runes at the ogre enclave however... just one at a time to the best of my knowledge.
  2. who needs to be safe? i don't wear anything... don't take glories, the worst part about dieing is losing pouches, but i don't mind getting them back. people rarely waste runes on a bronze pick.
  3. mag=magenta and 1 to 75= 98 to 99 was considered experience wise, not actual tasks and ability...
  4. my top three are: Lunar Diplomacy Fairy Tale Pt II Construction they are the most frequent uses in daily playing that just make my runescaping a heck of a lot easier but I also really enjoy pest control and the new treasure trails
  5. i took advantage of cheap pages to snag various page sets for various freinds who don't have them yet :D
  6. bloods should never cost as much as nats, it takes a much higher rc lvl and you shouldn't be able to craft double bloods... and there is no astral rift in the abyss, it'd be like using the abyss to craft airs... :-s
  7. world 60 for blast furnace not entirely official, but gaining popularity RS forums thread quickfind code: 42-43-125-21525044 (read thread before going)
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