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  1. Last one I remember was when I was at the warrior's guild and got the maze... 495 chaos and 42 noted coal.
  2. You're not the oldest... Nor am I the youngest But you're more then 3 times my age... I like being young. \
  3. I don't need help anymore, I've got all I need.
  4. Around 10 minutes now. Once my dad is done eating.
  5. I will. Once I'm acctualy a member... I just typed that down so I don't forget.
  6. My dad has decided, I get 4 months of membership!
  7. That's what I was planning on doing. :) I have A TON of runes in my bank... And 150k to buy a dds and d long. :)
  8. Now that I'm a member, I'd just like a bit of help. If anyone wants to help me take my first steps in P2P, PM me. :D And if you have any tips for me, post'm please. (Acctualy, it may take longer.) Just so you know, I won't log in for a while.
  9. 1. School 2. Home 3. Runescape 4. Supper 5. More Runescape 6. Sleep Easy as that.
  10. They look a lot like soft tacos... Man I love those things. =P~
  11. Currently useless, accept the 600 high alch... Keep them, they may be useful in the future.
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