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  1. ok... then around $4-5000 in a few weeks, that's still alot. But quick question, how can they manage 480 accounts at the same time?
  2. granite i've heard is upwards of 70k an hour but i have never done it
  3. there was another thread a few days ago here that was REALLY good explaining this but i am trying to find it and i can't find it. if you can find it post it here because it explained it very well. personally, i am trying to find out how to do it too
  4. thanks you guys you have convinced me to keep on going to 71 haha. hopefully iw ill only take a few more days i am at 54 right now and my friend and i are racing to 71 (he is already at 61)
  5. I am thinking of getting 71 hunter so i can catch imps and use it for dark beast rune mining. compared to the time spent catching hte imp, will it be useful or will i end up not using it because it takes too long to catch the imp?
  6. lesser demons - rune meds greater demons - rune large helms i think that's it for f2p
  7. very nice stats and gratz on 1500 total. How long did it take you to get to 72 hunter?
  8. alright i will give it a shot with about 1k chins a nd let you knowhow it goes
  9. Search youtube for "insane range" and the first video in the results should be a video that shows a guy using chins on the skeleton moneys on ape atoll. I'd link to the video directly, but I'm not sure if that's ok to do, let me know if you have trouble finding it. The guy who posted the video claims that you can earn 220k to 300k range exp per hour. From what I understand, the chins used to hit an unlimited number of enemies in the area, but Jagex recently changed them to hit a max of 9 enemies. That said, I'm not sure if chins are still worth it. I understand your desire to get to 70 quickly (ranging fire giants is not quick) so if it's not a bother, I'd love to hear the results of whatever you end up doing (cannon or chins). that was a nasty video, but do you think chins are not worth it anymore because of their price? or because of the fact that you can only hit a max of 9 enemies. thanks so much for this btw this video is exactly what i wanted
  10. umm i don't know any monsters where you can make money if you JUST use guthans. what are your other stats? because if they are high enough you could go to daggonoth kings and make some money there, but just witih guthans there aren't alot of options that i myself know
  11. ok yeah i know that but what about the chinchompas at the skeletons on ape atoll
  12. thanks for your posts this does help. but quick question again: for red chinchompas i heard that the best way is at the skeletons in ape atoll. Where and how do i do this, and how much xp can i get per chinchompa? thanks
  13. what is the fastest way to get from 60-70? Is it cannon? red chinachompas? or just plain using the magic bow on monsters, and if so, what monsters? thanks for the help
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