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  1. Can't remember best reward but highest % was 79 :thumbsup:
  2. Too many winers and complainers GET OVER IT PL0X! -.-
  3. Whenever someone I see is having a report war where they randomly say "reported for ___", I just come in and say reported for report abuse abuse :XD:
  4. Awhile back, I tried out some DHTML collapsible menus but found that collapsible menus are worth it only when a side frame is used. I highly discourage any useage of collapsible frames. Unless of course tipit gets a slight javascript/css makeover. [Advanced Tech Jargon] I would recommend that the top tipit logo is used in an absolute css element which would float at the top of the browser window. The menus would float too but when a category is hovered over, its menu elements would be shown and others would be hidden. [/Advanced Tech Jargon] For those less tech savy, I am suggesting that the framework on the left and top of the page not move when you scroll up and down. This would better allow for collapsible menus. Instead of this: You get this: And as you hover over one of the categories, its elements would pop out like this (Tools used as hover element)
  5. I hate it when I try and log out but instead the game will say "Connection Lost - Attempting to Re-establish" I mean, duh! Of course the connection is lost! I logged out! :evil: :wall:
  6. A burger should heal 6 hp Fries would heal 2 hp Happy meals would have a burger, fries, and a toy horse. Of course, after every 100 burgers and fries you eat, you will die of a heart attack and end up in lumbridge. :-$
  7. I got KO'ed in 2 hits by a dds from a PC product. I hate those people! :evil:
  8. I'm so far down in ranks I haven't noticed this :-k :wall:
  9. You get called a noob no matter what you do #-o
  10. This was just 2 days loot by the way :-$ Now to get 75 farming! \
  11. Thanks to the two people from my friend's list, some random people from castle wars, and the macroers walking by for showing up at my 99 fletching party. :XD:
  12. Lag has nothing to do with updates. It has to do with rs being overcrowded by people waiting for clan chat :wall:
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