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  1. I used all the e-mail addresses which I could find. legal, accounthelp, phishing... and so on, as I said, you just have to be persistent and keep trying. I estimate 1 mail out of 100 gets read. In my case Mod Gunner was the only 1 to reply me, so in the end Ijust say: Hello Mod Gunner...in the hope he does a search or someone gets his attention. Jagex is a big company, so addressing the highest level people does NOT help at all.
  2. Jagex admitted that the botwatch team still has some bugs in their programming. They will try not to ban innocents next time they update their macro.
  3. So after another 12 days, I got "all" of my accounts back. (My noob account was also banned.) A small apology and yes, lost 12 days of membership. Sleep on sleep on. At least this time they gave the information of my account to the "bot watch team". And they promised me to not ban me again. As stated above: I never BOT, nor CHEAT nor SCAM. If you are a frenchy penguin or have smelly paws or you are just Kaur, and you are sure that it will never happen to you, than you will have to thank me for it. After my ban they will update the macro for banning, so that they will not ban innocent people/accounts again.
  4. It is something which I read in an interview with the J-mods who make the anti botting macros. I and I feel like Jagex mods who ban people with macros shouldn't be sleeping at all. I got banned in september 2012 for macroing. I have a well protected computer (fire wall, anti virus...) so I never get hacked and I never bot, if I want to bot I would be the same bored as without runescape. So after 5 posts on the forum on my noob account (which all get laughed away by forum mods) I started writing e-mails. After 4 months 1 mail finally got read and Mod Gunner released my account (I play 8 years nowand used to be almost famous :smile:) In the mean time ports came out and EOC. Messed up my combat level, so I trained prayer and summoning, my 2 lowest skills. Friday I logged in and first screen I get is macro detected, you are permanently banned. I think sigh, again? So I appeal, log in on my noob sjefdemuis, tell Samche (my only old friend online at that time) hey, I am banned again. 5 seconds later:macro detected you are permanently banned...sigh, back to tip it and e-mail writing. I still want to get the message out to my runescape friends. I make a new account, it goes to the tutorial island...the game asks what my accounts name should be ...and ...you guessed it, even before I can type in a name...macro detected you have been permanently banned... Stop sleeping or go to sleep for everyou darned Jagex incompetent programmers and even more incompetence in how they bring it into the game without a small scale test first... Probably gonna take 4 months again to get my account back and yes, I never bot, cheat nor scam.
  5. Well I used to be kinda famous. I am a skiller who does not really like trading to get crafting, smithing and so on... I like to keep what I mine, I like to keep or burn what I cut from a tree and so on... I have really bad connection because I mainly play from China...my job brought me to China in 2004 and I started playing in 2005. I played runescape mainly because it was the only online game that I could find that could be played with a lag around 1 second or more... So when I did combat I feared all monsters...try waiting 40 seconds in disconnect with a fire giant hitting you...So I mainly did safespot with ranged. I gathered 41m slayer exp with ranged or mage (giving me also 173m ranged exp and over 60m in constitution). 1 sunday morning a little over 5 weeks ago (must have been September 23) I got a disconnect, it happens a lot... I tried to log back in (11:00 am China time on the dot, I think 3am GMT) but got a message saying I had to go to message center... From China this is very hard to do, so I used a token from my company to set up a VPN line and got connected... I found out I was permanently banned for macroing/gold farming, no evidence available, no black marks ever... I appealed, but found out on forums that you have to be lucky to get a review, and that Jagex does not plan to review any appeals regarding the banning of macroers/bots. Needless to say I have never botted, my computer is very well protected against hackers and virusses, so I am certain I am banned with no cause/reason. Are you scared to be banned after many years of hard work and membership? You should be, Jagex will ban you and not review your appeal... Had 5.5 months of membership left on my account. Not sure what I will do next...àç!é"è('§('§è('!è§('ù^:,,^'"é('é"( add you favorite words for ranting here...
  6. I did not find it anymore, it has been removed with the recent Al Kharid update?
  7. I am summoning 1, never did wolf whistle, I can still get the "use summoning obelisk east of fight arena" done. So you do not need wolf whistle to get it.
  8. Part being a serious slayer is transportation: House located in Brimhaven: for me my house contains 11 different places to go to: Outside (Brim): Spirit tree to all spirit tree network, metal drag cave and cart to Shilo, short route to Karamja main land 6 portals: Varrock, Canifis, Watch Tower, Falador, Camelot and Ardougne And glory teleports to another 4 places Of course easy altar for loading prayer. One of the few places where dying is no problem. Another advice is slayer ring, it saves a lot of running. My favorite slayer outfit is full armadyl by the way: 99 slayer at 99 combat :ugeek:
  9. I still do lvl 3 clue scrolls: PRO's: -More teleports available = faster solving (late arrivals on the teleporting market: Ring of slaying, Combat bracelets, Crafting Necklace, Faery Rings, Lumby Diary ring, Karamja Gloves, 3 extra destinations on Games Necklace, man, WOW almost no more running required compared to olden days!) -No more PKers = wild a lot more predictable = I never switch gear anymore, Full armadyl is good for wild and good to beat Sara Wizard! -Learned to range all Sara Wizards and most of the Evil Uri's = almost no food needed -House teleport gives me access to 6 teleport gates, is located in Brimhaven (My spirit tree is also there) and has a Glory = total of 11 Destinations = A lot less banking, convenient spot for Praying CON's: -Loot on average worse because of devaluation of prices (typical clue reward these days around 50k) -More clues per clue 6 has become average (from 4 to 7) It used to be 5 average -Stupid stuff that you need for emotes So my conclusion was: - Because of all the stuff that is needed I only do lvl 3's - The heightened number of clues per clue and the worse rewards => Maximum 1 clue per slayer assignment I have to say that the clues bring a lot less cash per hour than the best money making skills that I could do, but hey I know people that solve Sudoku's for fun.
  10. It seems very similar to: ME AM THE CALC: Cam the Camel just outside the duel arena area.
  11. Must have Total Level 1333 or better to be added at this time on P2P list. I can beat 1333 :-) sjefderat
  12. This topic comes back and back: Jagex stated clearly (in several replies to questions on their forums) that the cooking gauntlets only work for 3 types of fish: sharks, lobsters and swordfish. (They clearly said: NO MONKFISH!; NOT any OTHER type of fish!) I can also remember a reply from Jagex about questions regarding the range in Lumbridge castle: the gist of the answer follows: The range in lumbridge castle burn less cakes, pies and other complicated dishes. It will NOT help you in burning less fish. No proof or pics. But I clearly remember being very interested in this topic several years ago and being disappointed when I read the answer on this question that somebody else had asked. And yes when I cook sharks without gauntlets at 99 cook I still burn some. People even report that you can still burn monks (very rarely) at 99 cook.
  13. Wow guys, I will have to start doing slayer again, I thought with pain in my heart that I could not use Sumona. Combat 99 Slayer 99, hehe, I am curious as to which assignments she will give.
  14. Hi cowmaster187/legoman187 thank you for trying to help. I can only say that all this info is already nicely in a tabel in the crafting guide under "Gold jewellery". It states the exp and lvl to cut gems and to craft all jewells.
  15. There are 2 places in grand tree (same floor) were they sell 10 pineapples. The general store in front of Catherby bank also sells 40 pineapples per day if you talk to him instead of trade him.
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