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  1. Wrong. Dags are around 30k xp a task. More if you're doing DKs.
  2. Me coming off of a 180 boardslide. Basically grabs come after you've mastered landing properly after coming off the jump, i.e when you got the landing down. When you get to the jump, come onto it on your heel edge and then at the lip, be flat with the board and pop up (like a jump on the ground). Bring your knees to your chest and grab your board. Make sure you get some speed before the jump though, because if you're not going fast enough you won't have time to grab the board.
  3. It's not the same slayer as it was 2 years ago.
  4. Way to go. :thumbup: Basically, what happened is she is not used to guys not liking her. She cannot figure out why you don't like her anymore and wants your attention. Its a common girl thing. Just ignore her.
  5. Led Zeppelin, Pantera and Submersed.
  6. Salmon fish eggs on white bread with butter. :-X
  7. NMD, I've been in a similar situation. This girl really liked me, said all these things on a 2nd date that my ex wouldn't say after 6 months. Things were going well the first week or so, but every time I asked her out on a date, she'd say shes grounded or busy. I was ok about it at first but later it started to piss me off. Also, "I don't really want a relationship right now, a lot of stuff is going on with my ex-boyfriends." What a load of [cabbage]. I quickly ditched talking to her, there's no way i could be involved in any drama, i have a busy life as it is. This was a month ago and we're still not really talking. :thumbup:
  8. I love the taste of beer and Jack&Coke. I drink not to get drunk but for the taste.
  9. Toxic388

    Happy new year!

    Happy new years. I'm going to have a party after work: drink, playing Rock Band, watch movies with my best friends and snowboarding the morning after. Fun. :thumbup:
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