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  1. I'm still around, yes :) currently renovating my house and a bit burnt out on the programming front, but updates will be built sometime this year again!
  2. I find that people enjoy having multiple moments of stats ticks per day, one of the hidden features is actually the fact that viewing a player results in an immediate update for them if that has not happened in the past 30 minutes.
  3. Pushed a few upgrades live just now; Player specific daily/weekly/monthly records are now viewableA timer that shows how long is left until the next stats-update from highscoresVarious small bug and performance fixes
  4. Welcome back! Hope you like all the things that have changed.... Was quite daunting for me when I came back last august :P
  5. http://www.trackscape.nl <-- The newest runescape stat tracker out there, under heavy development and wide open to to suggestions!:)
  6. Loving this! Was looking for a place on the web to spread the word about my own tracker :D Opening a topic for it now :D
  7. I got back to Runescape in August, and found that most of the stat tracking sites out there were either slow, not updated, or lacking in functionality in some way. I decided I wanted to build my own one, and started working on Trackscape. For now it's just a basic set of functionality, but since I'm actively developing new functions for it, I'd love to get suggestions for new stuff I could add! Check it out, it's available over at http://trackscape.nl, I hope to see many of you soon! - Elnaeth
  8. Damn I wish I could 'scape as focused as you lol, I always get massively bored after a couple of hours of doing something :|
  9. Hey all, I've been a member since waaaaay back (2005 actually), started playing during RS1 (aka classic). Been playing on and off during all these years. Used to run a tracker site for runescape back in the day, working on a new one right now (for those interested it can be found at http://www.trackscape.nl :)). Just thought I'd come check out Tipit again and see if much has changed ^^
  10. Looking for more people to try out Trackscape.nl! :D

  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. I always slay in either prossy for prayer/piety tasks, or bcp/tassets for other melee tasks :) Sometimes I cannon, mostly when I do Black Demons, Dagannoth, Black Dragons, Kalphite :P
  14. Guess I don't even have to explain why I'd love this board. (if you do need an explanation read my sig :P) 1337% support for this!
  15. To be perfectly honest, I think jagex shouldn't interfere nor mingle in their clients' personal lives and choices. Their life, their choice. (I'm not saying it's a good idea to commit suicide though, in my opinion it's _the_ worst way to "solve" your problems and issues)
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