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  1. Was gonna say, a flannel shirt and slim jeans is pretty standard. I've never really understood all the hipster hate. Maybe that's because I'm a hipster myself. :P (Apparently. I always thought I would be labelled 'alternative'.)
  2. I'm not a fan of most of the things posted on this thread, but that is a god-damn nice watch. Good call. Edit: As long as you have reasonable-sized wrists. If you're as skinny as I am it will look ridiculous.
  3. Intriguing


    The plastic cap is a dead giveaway. ;)
  4. A friend of mine just left for a uni exchange to Oslo. Kinda jealous, to be honest, but he said it's pretty expensive. Yeah, I'm expecting to have a bring a lot of money if I get accepted there. Apparently they don't really understand vegetarianism in Norway either: You don't eat meat = You mustn't eat. :P I have Austin as my preference before Oslo though. I hope I get in there; it looks a lot cheaper!
  5. I might be going on university exchange to Oslo this time next year.. Not exactly the same as Trondheim though. :P
  6. I've been wearing Dr. Marten's a lot recently. A girl that was squatting at my girlfriend's place (God, that sounds weird..) left a pair of men's boots there which happened to fit me: Then I picked up a pair of these near brand-new at a garage sale for $25. I'm happy. Most comfortable brand of shoes in the world. :)
  7. I know this is quoting an older post, but.. *points to avatar* I agree. I've finally gotten into watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I saw the original anime, and due to that I was sceptical about whether or not this series would be any good.. It is. 38 episodes in. I have full-time uni and I work quite a lot as well, but I don't think it will be too long before I finish this series. :)
  8. I saw Pinback in Sydney last night which was pretty great. Rob Crow, after having about 6 beers on stage, started doing the worm and jumped in the crowd and started rocking out with us. That was a definite highlight. :D
  9. Good call, that was my favourite song from my favourite band for a couple of years actually. Haven't really listened to them in a while but they're good quality. I don't listen to a great deal of prog, but as a starting point I might suggest Mastodon. They're a really well-known band but with good reason. From my observation a lot of prog metal is made up of ridiculous amounts of time signature changes that serve no purpose other than to make the music sound "complicated", but Mastodon are one of the few prog bands who handle the time signature changes well and make them sound as if they're actually meant to be in the music.
  10. Happy birthday :D

  11. Hapy Birthday!

  12. Honestly, surprised it's not higher. Especially considering Radiohead is my most listened-to artist. :P
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEoJjtPNFBE ;)
  14. Intriguing

    Dragon Age: II

    Oh god I forgot to mention that.. I'm okay with having to fight similar bands of thugs every minute or two; that sort of repetition is sort of expected. I'm not okay with "adventuring" through the same dungeon a couple hundred times though.
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