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  1. Was gonna say, a flannel shirt and slim jeans is pretty standard. I've never really understood all the hipster hate. Maybe that's because I'm a hipster myself. :P (Apparently. I always thought I would be labelled 'alternative'.)
  2. I'm not a fan of most of the things posted on this thread, but that is a god-damn nice watch. Good call. Edit: As long as you have reasonable-sized wrists. If you're as skinny as I am it will look ridiculous.
  3. Intriguing


    The plastic cap is a dead giveaway. ;)
  4. A friend of mine just left for a uni exchange to Oslo. Kinda jealous, to be honest, but he said it's pretty expensive. Yeah, I'm expecting to have a bring a lot of money if I get accepted there. Apparently they don't really understand vegetarianism in Norway either: You don't eat meat = You mustn't eat. :P I have Austin as my preference before Oslo though. I hope I get in there; it looks a lot cheaper!
  5. I might be going on university exchange to Oslo this time next year.. Not exactly the same as Trondheim though. :P
  6. I've been wearing Dr. Marten's a lot recently. A girl that was squatting at my girlfriend's place (God, that sounds weird..) left a pair of men's boots there which happened to fit me: Then I picked up a pair of these near brand-new at a garage sale for $25. I'm happy. Most comfortable brand of shoes in the world. :)
  7. I know this is quoting an older post, but.. *points to avatar* I agree. I've finally gotten into watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I saw the original anime, and due to that I was sceptical about whether or not this series would be any good.. It is. 38 episodes in. I have full-time uni and I work quite a lot as well, but I don't think it will be too long before I finish this series. :)
  8. I saw Pinback in Sydney last night which was pretty great. Rob Crow, after having about 6 beers on stage, started doing the worm and jumped in the crowd and started rocking out with us. That was a definite highlight. :D
  9. Good call, that was my favourite song from my favourite band for a couple of years actually. Haven't really listened to them in a while but they're good quality. I don't listen to a great deal of prog, but as a starting point I might suggest Mastodon. They're a really well-known band but with good reason. From my observation a lot of prog metal is made up of ridiculous amounts of time signature changes that serve no purpose other than to make the music sound "complicated", but Mastodon are one of the few prog bands who handle the time signature changes well and make them sound as if they're actually meant to be in the music.
  10. Honestly, surprised it's not higher. Especially considering Radiohead is my most listened-to artist. :P
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEoJjtPNFBE ;)
  12. Intriguing

    Dragon Age: II

    Oh god I forgot to mention that.. I'm okay with having to fight similar bands of thugs every minute or two; that sort of repetition is sort of expected. I'm not okay with "adventuring" through the same dungeon a couple hundred times though.
  13. Intriguing

    Dragon Age: II

    Played it from Friday till Sunday (with work in between :P). Took about 30 hours all up, including almost all side-quests. Would be nice if it was a slightly longer game, but it was pretty fun. It felt like there wasn't much development from the first to be honest. The main differences I noticed aside from the Mass Effect-style dialogue was how realistic the movements of the characters was during dialogue, and also that the balanced the classes a lot more (e.g. they made Rogue DPS as opposed to being.. terrible). Worth a play, but I expected a little bit more from it.
  14. Intriguing


    I think it's a decent album, but I'm already a pretty big fan of Radiohead. I do wish there was a bit more variety in the beats though. They set down something amazing but then have it on a straight loop for five minutes with no variation. The end result is, as Diesel said, a Thom Yorke solo album. Bloom and Feral are two particularly good tracks though.
  15. Intriguing


    Could I suggest a Rega deck? My friend owns one and they are actually fantastic, you can get a second hand deck for a reasonable price. Yeah, I'm looking for something Thorens, Linn, Rega, or perhaps Project. Obviously there are good brands aside from those, but to be honest I don't know enough about turntables to make sure I'm getting a good deal if they're second-hand. With those brands at least I know it'll be good. :)
  16. Intriguing


    It's never going to overtake digital formats again, because it's so inconvenient in comparison. There is something special about listening to a good vinyl on a good system though.
  17. Intriguing


    Yeah, I wouldn't ever get anything Bose except for their headphones. Anything else, half of what you're paying for is size-reduction and aesthetics. At the moment I have a Marantz SR-45 for an amp and some Paradigm Mini Mk-II for speakers. Unfortunately I'm using my computer as the player.. I've been collecting vinyl for a little while now, but still haven't been able to find a reasonable (second-hand) turntable for my budget. At the moment I'm just hopping between garage sales hoping someone doesn't want their Thorens any more..
  18. Ah okay, well this is exactly what I created this thread for--to help me find out ways of making money with my current levels--so thanks for that. :)
  19. I understand the concept of efficiency, my problem with it is that I don't know what my max gp/hr is so I can't really judge how much I should spend to level up skills faster. If what you're saying is that I should not bother trying to make money with my skills and instead rely on Green Dragons, then approximately how much gp/hr are dragons?
  20. Hey TIF, I'm looking for advice as to how to make money in RuneScape while training skills. I recognise that these sorts of threads are made far too frequently, but I'm still a somewhat recent returner to RuneScape, and so I'm a bit out of the loop as to how to make money (not that I was ever in the loop). For the past little while I've been training my skills trying to get reasonable xp/hr, but with more emphasis on profit: - Herb-farming - Manage thy Kingdom - All herbs have been going to Herblore though, so I'm not making as much as I could be. - Fishing Rocktails I'm just about to reach 99 fishing so I won't be spending as much time on Rocktails, and with that I'm looking for some alternatives. As far as I can tell, without combat, my maximum gp/hr is 240k with Rocktails, unless I'm missing something. I'd be particularly keen to train Runecrafting (61), Smithing (75), or Crafting (75), but basically any skill that's under 80 I would like trained. Stats are linked on my profile. To sum up, I'm not necessarily looking for any 'get-rich quick' schemes, I would just like to know a few of the multiple ways of making money that I'm probably missing out on. :) Note: In case it's relevant, my net worth is somewhere around 60m, with around 40m of that being easy to sell temporarily if need-be.
  21. Hey Tip.it, I've been away from RuneScape for about a year, and I'm thinking it would be nice to start playing a little bit again, probably not more than an hour a day during the week. There are a few skills I would like to work on while making a small profit if at all possible, and I'd be grateful to get some suggestions as to how I should do it. I'm not a very wealthy player; if the GE is accurate, I figure my bank is worth around 30m, and half of that is due to how much the Amulet of Fury has risen in price since I last played. Some notable things in my bank would be: - Amulet of Fury - Warrior Ring - Abyssal Whip - Dharok Plate and Legs, Guthix Plate and Skirt - 5000 Gold Bars and Cut Emeralds (I figure I was planning on doing a bit of crafting) - 800k Cash As for the skills I'm interested in training: - Smithing from 68 - 75 - Magic from 82 - 85 - Crafting from 71 - 75 - Herblore from 70 - 75 - Hunter 61 - at least 70 - Construction 61 - 70 - RuneCrafting 61 - 70 - Farming from 75 - ? - Fishing from 95 - ? I think my intention last year was to train Smithing and Magic by superheating mithril and selling the bars, and to train crafting by buying gold bars and cut emeralds and crafting emerald bracelets (though it appears that rings are far more profitable now). I also have 8000 waterfilled vials in my bank, so I figure my intention with Herblore was to farm herbs and buy seconds and the vials to make potions. If this is still a cost-effective (and to a lesser extent XP/time-effective) method what potions should I make? What would be a good way to train Hunter, Construction, and RuneCrafting? I would like to get my fishing to 99, though I'm in no rush to do so. What would be a good way to train that? I also intend on training Defence, Ranged, and Slayer, but I figure I will have a better grasp of the game by the time I'm done with these goals. If you could let me know a method of training for these skills that is relatively XP/time-efficient and also doesn't lose too much money (in the grand scheme of things I would like to make a small profit), it would be much appreciated. Also, are there any quests that have come out over the last 18 months that it is essential I complete?
  22. Just watched The Room. Needless to say my night is complete.
  23. Intriguing


    There's a lot of really good religious music out there. Plainchant is amazing.. Anyway, the other day one of my friends told me about a Hi-Fi store near me that has around 10,000 classical records out the back. I went there today. They were all unordered but most were in really good condition so I bought a few records for $5 each. ... And now I need a record player. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm a bit confused as to what I'm meant to do regarding speakers especially. I'd really like to just run them through my computer speakers which have a 3.5mm input. Is that possible?
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