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  1. when i first started this time around i was walking from one place to another and a couple of ppl gave me things to improve upon what i had , so i make it a point of giving out drops ( usually mith ) to low levels and yes some get greedy but some just take it for what it is a helping hand . After all what goes around comes around Kharma
  2. I just come across this thread by accident so many good points , me and a friend were just talking about that there should be acouple of worlds that for us older people im 37 ive always played rpg's and used to play rsc as it is now known.I find this relaxing after stress of work , and it is sometimes uncomfortable talking with youngsters around ..... Anybody wants to add me feel free
  3. i also remember the old rsĀ© playing away on my friends computer when he was working and yes the fatigue coming in is when i stopped it was soooo annoying , but with the advent of broadband the game had to improve , do you remember that only one person could talk to a npc at any one time so you could be queued up to start a quest lol
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