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  1. http://profile.imeem.com/KdneW6/playlist/cb-YZU2Y/ Got alot more to go but that top back lil wayne version is ill
  2. yup it bugs me also. In RSC I use to chill at lumbridge and burry bones all the time when I waited for someone to duel me.
  3. Why would you do that? I have helped many people and in some cases I get random messages and irs the noob now rich offering me a santa hat for being the only one to ever help him. In RSC I got a green Party hat for helping this noob when he got hacked. So what goes around comes around. Soon you will be running from the killer black dragon when your in lumby begging sayin "free stuff" (or however you made it in your nerdish spelling)
  4. Nice Guide and Matt that is by far one of the most amazing sigs I have seen in a very long time.
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