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  1. Prices change, the guide is timeless. :wink:
  2. Has the diligence to start maxing out his skills, apparently!
  3. Very good guide, I have 600+ saphs, so I needed to mine some gold. 9/10 =D>
  4. I AM NOT SAYING IT INCREASES THE PROBABILITY OF A CLUE BEING DROPPED! Several of my friends have said that it increases the quality of the reward from a clue, I highly doubt that this is the case, but those that I've heard it from are highly respectable players. Can I get a real confirmation of this? Or at least a study? I'm trying to figure this out.
  5. Broken Ahrim's Top and Bottom. :thumbsup: I love it when people die in Barrows...
  6. Are you standing in the right part of Keep le Faye? Write down what your clue says here.
  7. Ditto, it makes about as much sense as using it on a Barrows chest. :roll:
  8. Actually, that happened to me recently.
  9. I KNOW that the ring of wealth doesn't improve chances of getting a clue, but I heard that it DOES increase chances of getting a rarer item when you finish the trail. Can anyone confirm or disprove this?
  10. Yay! I'm so poor, donations would be really nice. XD Also, just got 83! Woo!
  11. Yay, got 82. I've just finished preparation, so now I should actually start moving. I've bought 22k bronze arrows for use in pest control, I have 1k iron knives as well as 2.2k iron bars for use in Slayer/more PC.
  12. Which only proves my point more. When you fight a high level monster, the rewards are better, you get drops, you get exp. With an experiment, you'd just get that exp, without any gameplay at all.
  13. Oh? When you powermine, you're still working, are you not? With experiments, you pretty much go AFK, knowing that you'll get the amount of experience a level 100 gives you, without any risk. :roll:
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