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  1. i was fightin lvl45 skeles then i got tele to tat stage. learnt lean :)
  2. i just felt like helpin tats all :)
  3. i m a big fan of export gold : P
  4. did u make it up or u just copy frm some1?? but overall very emotionally complicated :)
  5. first he was buggin me then i gave up and helped :)
  6. i smithed him full steel, scimmy and mace :) im gonna try to smith alot of full steel and full iron and give to those in need :) but i have to mine coals and iron first.
  7. is it? darn it. can the mod or some1 put it in the rite place
  8. the pics says it all. :)
  9. yes i do believe in GOD, but cannot stop SINNING its just too hard aye. I dnt do my daily prayers or talk to him.......... its just.... i dnt know. I am wat u called a hypocrite (spelt wrong). It means i believe in him but dnt show like i do whn im around ppl. summary: i belive in GOD, but dnt apply his teaching in the bible
  10. "Very complicated. Fun" nighthawkpro
  11. ok......how do i actually make it animate???
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