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  1. How does one get such wealth christ on a bike.
  2. You make some of the best posts on here lol. Always make me chuckle
  3. Aren't Zammy wines already expensive enough? Now jagex has to make it even more difficult for the bots?
  4. have you seen the front page recently 11 Masterbuck1 5,381,251,139 12 M A R T 5,381,155,477 13 Carcass 5,376,013,129 14 5 200 000000 5,369,061,396 15 UNICEF 5,360,432,603 16 Makaveli 5,352,092,120 17 Zac 5,329,019,448 18 Shaun 5,321,289,084 19 Ahsigh 5,317,176,849 20 Lvls 5,309,579,935 21 Per 5,300,003,731 22 AlmostLost 5,292,503,405 23 Drumgun 5,289,530,251 24 Kirito 5,281,161,806 25 E v a 5,274,542,735 As of right now Rank 11-25 Very clsoe right now for Rank #11 with less than 100k Exp apart! I thought that Drumgun would have been 1st to get to 200M Exp but he didn't get on for a while. I also posted wondering how much they all spent/items used to get to 200M Exp so quickly?! I still haven't seen the Level 120 Emote. I think that the RuneMetrics will be nice to see all of the Data for Skills/Drops. I remember seeing somewhere that the first person to 120 had spent around 10 billion to get to that point.
  5. Well there is a TON of new content and stuff since you last played. I think youll have to just start working on stuff and find out organically. Not sure your stats but if you can get into the New Elf City go, if not get the stats and get it. Party hats are still very valuable and some are worth far more than their GE value suggests.
  6. I think it won't charge you if they don't have any stored, but I haven't tested it so Idk. Cheers, will have a gander myself today hopefully
  7. Wait so the little green shit will charge me to automatically put compost into a patch? Even though i've provided the compost? Or is it 1500 if he has none?
  8. October 2002 for myself. I went through a handful of accounts mostly named after Lord of the Rings or WWF wrestling characters....... One of them I had a full invent and bank of Halloween masks on it!
  9. Same, I thought this skill might have gotten me back in after about 4 months of not caring but seems like way too much [cabbage] is going down atm. Just from browsing the thread, it seems like they really just completely missed the items that need to have a sink.Exactly what happened. How [bleep]ing stupid can they be. Careful now. You don't want to challenge them. They can alway make things worse. You are so right haha
  10. Same, I thought this skill might have gotten me back in after about 4 months of not caring but seems like way too much [cabbage] is going down atm. Just from browsing the thread, it seems like they really just completely missed the items that need to have a sink. Exactly what happened. How [bleep]ing stupid can they be.
  11. Invention Update | Some Immediate Changes We have made mistakes. Invention is an extremely complicated skill that interacts with almost every object in the game – as such there was always going to be a need to refine and evolve the skill within the live game. However, It is obvious at this early stage that there have been several areas where the skill has not functioned as we envisaged and we apologise. Changes Today Therefore, we have just made the following changes today to fix some of the issues that have been caused. These include: 1800% increase to the experience gained for disassembly and siphoning of Augmented Gear. The experience gained by playing differed significantly from that which was intended in design – as such we are realigning the experience to be in line with our original vision and expectations. 50% reduction in the experience gained for using materials to fill gizmos. This method has become the main experience generator for a large number of players and has clearly been more rewarding than is beneficial for the game, particularly in the case of those with substantial in-game personal wealth. There was always an expectation that players with solid banks would be well equipped to progress rapidly, but this has been more successful for those players than intended by design. Further changes to come We are also going to look deeper into some of the perks, with an eye to improving the usefulness of perks overall. However, this is something that will take a little time, so will not, in all probability, be an immediate change. It was also not our intention when we released the skill that players would be able to max out the skill within 48 hours of release. This has caused some concern, obviously, and we are aware of various rumours flying around. We do take bug abuse and similar unfair advantages very seriously and investigate thoroughly any potential cases that come to our attention, using our detailed monitoring tools. Where we find that someone has broken the rules of RuneScape, we will take the appropriate action. In the meantime, your feedback and comments are incredibly valuable to us – please keep that feedback coming and we’ll continue to look to improve Invention. The RuneScape Team
  12. I read somewhere that Le me who had 84mil xp yesterday had spent around 10bil to get to that point.
  13. Hand Cannons currently pushing 1.1 mil on GE. 8 hours ago was only pushing 500k..... Good for those of us merching......
  14. So yes I get all the new mechanics and such that are ment to be used along side invention. But really whats the point of releasing a skill that in about 14-15 hours of being live people already have 9million exp? At that rate people will be 200million 3 weeks..... If they can afford it mind you.
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