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  1. You should do this quest: http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2quest_id=124 (Between a rock) It gives you access to a gold mine with 146 gold rocks, Also you can use a cart there to take all you gold ores to the bank (at a cost unless you have charos ring) I think this is the fastest way to mine gold.. Also i beleave in the karamja volcano are some gold rocks, they are pretty close to the obsidian bank.
  2. the term 2nd party does not exist... 3th party basicly means anyone outside of jagex. As for OS, browser and java.. These are all thirth party applications but are needed to run the game. Saying all thirth party applications are considered to be an offence basicly just means dont download anything that can "aid" you in the game.. but with marketing speak
  3. So somehow microsoft developed applications are not third party eh ?
  4. This is strange, I filed many password recovery reports giving them only 1 random payment wich was paid for trough PayByCash, some of wich i took the info of my bank bills and some just the info i got trough my email. Jagex always resetted my password within the hour. Just try to remember the recovery questions , incase you dont have them List down your oldest password. I also found that jagex will work faster an more accurate if you file in a "Some'one hacked my account" report instead of the "Ive lost my password" report. Just some suggestions
  5. I assume you dont use your computer at the same time ? Thats what the topic starter ment, 2 Runescape accounts online at the same time from the same IP.
  6. If i am correct JaGex doesnt only look at the IP adress you login from but can also optain the MAC adress A mac adress is your network card's fingerprint, each mac adress is unique. So as long as you login at the same time from the same IP there wouldnt be a problem as long as the MAC adresses are different wich is the case if you login from 2 different computers. So... no worrys :)
  7. there is a simple firefox plugin called "RemovePermanently" wich removes any image,banner or piece of text with 1 mouse click.. easy way to remove the add from f2p.. still.. its illigal so :shame: :lol:
  8. noone remembers this specific event ? :) ah well =) It were the glory days for me.. community was good. its still good now.. but different
  9. hmm, this just popped in my head. im not sure how many people remember it. i just remember it vaguely but here goes :) Who remembers the day when jagex was more involved with us players, and the old runescape forums were still up. One mod decided to play a little trick on us. he would turn into a tree and sit in falador garden. if no'one would cut him down until it reached a specific time he would do a massive drop party or something in that spirit. I remember how there were 100+ people consistantly screaming to not cut it down.. but it cut down anyways.. Anyone remembers this ?
  10. i searched for a lemming type of game so i typed in flea circus on altavista ( no google back then ) and I ended on jagex site =) ole..
  11. Well after quiting only 1.5 month ago... im back! I missed runescape so much i just had to force myself not to play :P not really tho. Anyways i have things back on track now and i stopped myself from being a super addictive player :) http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=471808 here is the topic of my retirement for anyone interested, it hold some screenshots and some verry verry intimit moments ;) For all of you who missed me ! my private chat is on and i will be addable anytime! Cya around
  12. traded a diamond for 1 mill
  13. the scam was only due my own stupitity.. greed played a slight role in that :) second trade screen is your friend at all times. getting scammed was not the reason I quit tho. come to think of it.. it didnt even tick me off :) live is just a game, and so is runescape. edit: i would be ticked off if i got scammed for 8mill irl tho =)
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