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  1. I've been gone for a while, but from speculation it seems they may release one or more of the following... More crafting items (Since the only high one worth getting to is Dragonstone Amulet at 80) More prayers (2 years ago I had access to all prayers when I quit at 51 prayer. Now, I have all prayers except one, and I'm only one or two levels away from it. New prayers should come soon since so many people are 99 prayer) New guild (I don't even know what the Legend's Guild is, but I guess they're due for a new guild by now) More "God" uses (From what I've read, you can cast certain spells from a God. They may expand this with the 100th quest) The ability to exceed 99 in a specific stat via completion of the quest (The skill you can exceed in would be most likely would be non-combat related) New monster (One so much stronger than the rest, or possibly so that only one person may attack it (not allowing trading off, maging, etc.)) Those could be right, they could be wrong. There's really no way to tell until they release it.
  2. You could go to a computer show (if any are held in England, I don't know much about there) and they have some magnificent deals. Someone's building me a 2.6GHZ, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, 256MB vid card, LED lighted case etc. with Windows XP Pro for $400. That's incredibly cheap (and completely new). If you hear of any upcoming computer shows in Britain, I would recommend checking them out and speaking with a vendor.
  3. Just get members if you want to fletch. There's plenty non-members stuff already, seeing as F2P plays for free... Also, if you complain about f2p now, then you should have seen it when I played... there was no different types of bows for f2p, no different types of trees for f2p, etc.
  4. I was basically giving support to the different market explaination.
  5. Like that guy above me said, there are basically two markets. The rare market and skills market (including armor and everything else). The fact that these were auto'ers leads me to believe that they were rich, very rich. Since their auto'ing accounts AND any other accounts accessed by them were banned, then I'm sure there's a fair amount of rares out of existence (even 10 party hats out of those 15,000 accounts are 10 party hats not being sold). Let's take a look at this in a USA economics perspective: The Fed is the government seller and buyer of bonds. When the Fed sells bonds it takes money out of the market (by taking the money the bond is sold for and depositing it in the Federal Reserve) and when the Fed buys bonds it puts money in the market (takes money out of the Federal Reserve to buy back their bonds). Now, let's believe that there are two Feds and they use the same currency but work in different areas (Let's use North and South). If the Northern Fed sells bonds to some Southern patrons, then some of the money in the south is removed from circulation (and vise versa). What did that mean? Well, if the North is the rares market and the South is the skills market, let's see how that would play out; Billionaire Jeff wants to buy a few bonds from the North (use 300mil to buy a party hat set (don't flame me if this is off, I've been gone for over 2years)). Billionaire Jeff is from the South (he deals solely in skills items) but decided to try his hand at rares instead. Jeff chooses to buy the party hat set instead of 1,500,000 coal, and he had accumulated all of his money via the skills market. There goes 300mil from the skills economy and 300mil into the rares economy if he sells the party hat set. EnGlIsH pLz SiR!?!?!11//banana!? 300mil spent in one area is 300mil not spent in another area. But it doesn't matter. The market will fluctuate a bit and then stabalize, since people have faith in the Runescape gold
  6. That's a huge-[wagon] support list... but your idea looks magnificent. Count me in on the "support" side =).
  7. hmm... 2002... I think that was before I quit. Probably around when I started or so... I remember back then everything being worhwhile. I remember smithing full bronze and just to be a nice guy, giving it out to random newbies and having them thank me to no end. Now (from what I read) it seems that full bronze would be like "Uh... no thanks. I could get full iron in about 5minutes if I wanted to." Inflation has had a major effect. Even in 2003 or 2004 (before RS2) 16mil was godly. I knew of noone with 100mil, but I imagine Zezima had it. When I had my pink party hat (back when they were most expensive) and full rune with dragon long people would bow as I walked past (Probably because they wanted free stuff) since that was true richness. Nowadays 16mil is probably attainable in a month or two of dedicated work, whereas a while ago it took many many months or very skilled merchanting.
  8. The only problem with specific worlds would be keeping the young'uns out. Maybe have an approved list which is done by a few old people nominating someone for membership to old-people world? I unno, you're all ancient to me.
  9. I lost it all somehow, so we're on farmiliar territory. Maybe we should stick together?
  10. I'm on my way back now after a couple of years. Comp kept freezing on RS, lost my P-Hat somehow, and so I finally just threw in the towel. Hurray for ordering comp parts and building it when it arrives! If you knew me (which you very well may have, OP) then just let me know. I don't remember many people since my friends list was always full.
  11. I stumbled upon this thread thinking it was in reference to players that were around a long time ago, but I was mistaken. I do, however, know a few old players. One is a man in his mid 30s I believe and is now part of Jagex staff when I last talked to him. The other is a lunch monitor at my school with combat of over 100. Back in the day, over 100 combat was nearly unheard of...
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