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  1. Hmm, Seems like a good month. Hopefully PVP worlds are reasonably profitable, and not like "Omgzzz 50gp from killing that guy 40 levels higher than me".
  2. Nice levels, you have improved alot since I was last on, and good luck with all of your upcoming goals, and with the gs
  3. Banned For Having Symbols and lines in you signiture I have nothing against symbols im just putting it out there that you have symbols =)
  4. melikemilk It ownz and you know it
  5. Fly fishing is the fastest by far. In my case i got 40-77 fishing on lobs took a good month but i did enjoy the 2 mill =P
  6. Good luck getting back to full strength Pure non Pur, Enjoy the willows, rune pic, and feathers.
  7. Thats what I was going to say. Make it more user friendly and organized then I will give you a 7/10 but in its current state ill give it a 3/10
  8. You just say that so you can get 90 fishing easier seeing in your sig you 85/90 If you could not get in the guild you wouldnt want it to be higher now would you?
  9. Kk thanks for your help
  10. Were can i get a lucky rabbits foot? And if its tradeable how much is it?
  11. DeathoDie0


    Does a ring of wealth increase the chances of a nest? And does it make it more likely to get something better out of it?
  12. Thanks, Im now able to hold a rune axe! And we all know rune axe=Total Ownage
  13. Thanks! Good luck on 80+ in all non combat skills Pure non Pur ;)
  14. Thanks for your support, yeah i would love to have my other account again =|
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