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  1. Is it worth converting energy then getting the bonus xp or is converting the energy first a waste of time? Are the chronicles worth handing in? Anyone know how much more xp you get from handing in to guthix altar compared to the spot in Draynor?
  2. How crazy would everyone think I was if I told you at the beginning of the month that as of today no one would have reached 5b xp due to a colossal melt by the leading contender AND you would be able to play '07scape courtesy of Jagex? Cocoa puffs
  3. I eventually just gave in realizing that they will get to the 500k tier of votes or will just allow for that level of support to happen no matter what the outcome. Plus, I hear fools are paying exorbitant prices for the exchange of gold from 07scape to the real game so why not help myself while I'm at it.
  4. So where can these kinds of trades be requested at since they don't allow it on the main RS forums?
  5. Pretty much. It would be sweet if they gave a worthwhile % bonus to trades goods for the last warehouse but that would be beneficial and we'd hate to see that.
  6. Hopefully they do I haven't seen anyone higher than 9 yet.
  7. Has anyone seen a crew member level 10 or higher yet?
  8. The best thing to do is slap on soothsayers and cap out your random rewards so you can work the system and get adventure re-rolls for 800 jade each. Even if you fail a couple you still get 3 - 4 times more than you would on normal missions.
  9. I'm abusing the shit out of adventure re-rolls and it's helping immensely getting the required jade for the 4th ship. Thank god for capped random rewards.
  10. If you have an Opportunist on board this will still unlock the new crew member.
  11. Why would you do that? As far as I'm aware the tradeable version degrades to nothingness after 10(or however many hours it is) and that's it. Whereas the Superior version can be repaired and has marginally better stats. For cash money
  12. Interestingly, you can return with partial success on a trait mission and still get the trait. That's great news. I just sent out my 10k morale captain on a 76% chance mission for the Awe-inspiring trait and one of the crew members has Opportunist.
  13. I'm not sure the exact percentage but it does exactly what it says. If you fail a mission you still come back with some loot just not ALL of it.
  14. I have 4 10k captains. I'll trade you one for a better jade mission.
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