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  1. Yay! My pwnage gnome is next :mrgreen:. Thanks for doing it, Jdpr. Gnomes=pwnage. Period.
  2. MmM, I was, but i found how much I love this game. Can't let go... Yay! :mrgreen:
  3. I don't know about anybody else, but I love it! :D. Except for the head:P.
  4. Can a mod or someone confirm it isn't a keylogger? I want to try it, it seems like fun. But I don't want to get a keylogger...
  5. Lol, nazgul, it looks like a Pink Bear (a very good pink bear) but a pink bear nonetheless. Good luck on this game thing Bloodveld.
  6. I'm going to do Reddawns and sherattls at the same time. Bloodred-currently trying to figure out what your talking about, lol, can you post pictures of everything? (pirate outfit and dragon scimitar).
  7. Woot, points for PJ, it was a tree :D.
  8. Really nice, LP! But, in the first picture, that's a tree right? Heh heh..
  9. Honestly, if I had the chance to change my name, I would. I hate it. If my post count was near 300, I would make a new account. But, meh, oh well. And I am not making new signatures at the moment, just as Gold said. I will start them back up later.
  10. Maybe you'd appreciate gnomes like I do..I'm only requesting an avatar if you can do that easier than a sig. Obviously, I'm requesting a gnome :D. I think this picture will say it all: http://www.gamebgs.com/wallpapers/world ... raft_gnome Gnomes rule :D! Oh, and just have the head of the gnome..If you just want to draw it and not colour/shade, that's great too. --Pj
  11. Meh, your not going to do mine, are you Godslayer. Geez, I can't request anything you like. I thought everyone liked gnomes. Gnomes=pwnage. Anyway, if your not going to do mine, or even consider it..I'll just be on my never ending quest to find the perfect pixellar worthy of my gnome pwnage. --Pj
  12. Yeah, lol but what does it say on the left:\ something after the word "w/" it's 3 letters long and I have no idea what it says :\.
  13. Meh, I really like your avatars and would really appreciate it. So, here's my request: Could you possibly make an avatar with a picture of gnome with a really long mustache (and kind of pointed, like a french mustache :P ) with greenish hair like lime-green, not pea-green(and the mustache as well :P)? Can you also put some goggles on the top of his head (like engineering goggles) if not that is okay. Can you have him winking and looking from the side and have his thumb (or part of it) showing on the left side of the picture (right side for him)? Thank you if you do this. --Pj
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