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  1. UO and EQ are still growing. Plus, rs2 != rs1.
  2. What do you want (Signature, avatar, banner,wallpaper etc): sig Type of Sig etc: grunge? Dimensions (Tip.its max is 400x175 i think): (In Pixels) 300x150 or 400x150. Whatever looks good. Text: (What you want) Bloodveld Sub-Text: ( Text below text, smaller.) Font: Whatever looks good. Render: http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... pos=-19274 C4D or Fractals: Whatever looks good. Additional info: (explain what you want, colours and such.) I'm not sure, black and blue? Something bioshock-y that looks good. You're the artist. Thanks. :D I'm not sure what exactly it's called, but I like the diagonal lines on , if you know what I mean.
  3. I would but watermarks on that image so no one steals it btw.
  4. On the side toolbar, at the bottom of the options there will be two boxes and one highlighted. Click the one underneath that.
  5. How profitable are cockroaches? Not just the highest level ones.
  6. Not willing to pay jagex for membership btw. I quit before it came out, could you give me a very simple explanation what it is and how being a pure could be useful? (Make it simple, I can always look up a guide for it if I'm confused.)
  7. Bloodveld


    Well, I quit rs a while ago, before jagex went crazy with stopping RWTers. I used to occasionally create more characters just for stuff like pking. Well, I'm back for a while but don't feel like playing my old account, so I made a new one. I'm tempted to make a nice str pure, but without the wildy being fun anymore, is there any reason to anymore?
  8. Thanks :D (I've been indisposed for the past few days, and haven't been on the forum.)
  9. http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... ?pos=-4343 "Mmm, brains!" Put my name there somewhere too. Thanks a million! :D :thumbup:
  10. Saying hyt on my new account to Pat :P [hide=][/hide]
  11. Check out his sig, it looks like he'll be gone for another week or so.
  12. There is none, yet. A month or two back during the State Of Play news reports Jagex stated they were working on an update to random events. without gold farmers, anyone think they'll remove them? :pray:
  13. Wow, that is really nice. Wish they would have kept the original style instead of switching to the generic WoW/GW UI though. I also wish full screen was f2p too. My new temp account is having plenty of fun in f2p and I have no intention of getting overwhelmed with all the new p2p items, but I want to use full screen.
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