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  1. Close second for me, the koreans get the first place. In Korea it is widely accepted as a fact that if you go to sleep with a fan on in a room you can die. Well.. you CAN, but the fan isn't likely to cause it.
  2. Saying I'm amazing at Gin would sound arrogant... but I'm amazing at Gin.
  3. Why is "tastes" in a different font than "like"? Something's fishy here... :-k Confession: Sometimes boyzloveme can make me feel really good about myself. You are a true friend. :thumbup: *huggles* It was one of those fat markers, I started writing with the thin side to aid legibility for the smaller words.
  4. Only way to prove it is a pic with you in it and "TIF FTW." Otherwise, you are a troll. What would "TIF tastes like my underwear: very good" mean? (I need to stop posting at 2:00 am....) God only knows...
  5. Full slayer helmet with dhide. Go slay or go home.
  6. Discrimination is wrong. Period.
  7. I never thought melee would be surpassed as the most cost and time efficient way to deal damage... oh wait...
  8. I disagree... in my experience it can make a sizable difference.
  9. killerbeer0


    You tried to commit suicide right ? How old are you ?! Yeah... today sucked at least as bad too. I'm 17. Haven't been able to eat in 24 hours, haven't wanted to for a week at least... and that's just a symptom of a symptom. I think I got caught skipping 7th period today too... fml
  10. This is kind of all three rolled into one... I almost, I mean really close, committed suicide today.
  11. killerbeer0


    Today was one of the worst I have ever had. I'm practically in shock it was so harrowing.
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