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  1. http://sourcefednews.com/justin-bieber-gropes-fans/ Look into the sunglasses of the boy who will molest your future daughter.
  2. The thing that bugs me about Beiber is that he thinks he's talented because he has people writing music for him.
  3. GT: Toki Hakurei Imagination Man Green Lantern I have no PS3.
  4. That is until either Bane or Batgirl exposes you.
  5. Toki_Hakurei


    You'd think that after having high notice and sales for the past two months gamers would know what Injustice is by now.
  6. Toki_Hakurei


    Here's the thing though. I don't use Lantern's Might (the grab) as the only move I ever use. It's also a bit difficult to get in with GL anyway. Also It's not my fault he keeps jumping in at my face. Even though Lantern's Might has some decent range, is a great anti-air and a great combo starter, it is easily punishable on block. It's not my fault he chooses to press buttons instead of block.
  7. Toki_Hakurei


    Me making people salty on Injustice with Green Lantern. [hide=NSFW language] [/hide]
  8. From the creators of Mortal Kombat So far I'm hooked on using Green Lantern. Who else is playing this? Feel free to post your gamertag/PSN ID.
  9. Salty people on Injustice. This guy apparently hates Green Lantern more than every other guy's Deathstroke ever. [hide=NSFW language] [/hide]
  10. Injustice: Gods Among Us caters really well to newcomers and veterans to fighting games as well as comic book lovers. It runs on the MK9 engine, but it feels different enough to be its own game (different button system, hold back to block instead of a button) while still having that MK9 feel. So far I made a bunch of people rage quit with my Green Lantern. Now if only GL was Kyle Rayner and not Hal Jordan.
  11. http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle/death-battle-goku-vs-superman I would have liked this ending better if both of them died.
  12. Meanwhile, at the KyoAni boardroom meeting...
  13. That's the thing. People think we can pull a win out of our asses when I'm the only engineer and there are two scouts or two spies.
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