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  1. the one word(in english) that came to mind is "coitus", made famous by Sheldon Cooper (for me at least) from Big bag theory. Just because every time he uses that word, everyone feel uncomfortable.
  2. use Salve(e) for sure and the fornithry (or whatever it's called) bracelet to make them unagressive.
  3. the (1/200)^2 is only true, if you're just killing only 2 monsters and getting 2 effigies(this doesn't take into account the fact that you kill many monsters). The probabilty for getting an effigy right after you got one, is still 1/200.(this is the probability of getting an second effigy right after the first one)
  4. So.. you just added a collar to the veterans cape. I'm not sure, if this is a joke or not. (I hope it is) If it's not then: 1) the arms are way out of proportion. 2) the arms are backward (or you just like wearing a cape and a hood on the wrong side) 3) anti-aliasing skills fail
  5. Mine went from 2h to 30 sec in aboult 2 years or so doing this. lol.
  6. Do you mean only rsgp or 'wealth'. anyways - monster drops, clue scrolls, random gp/item spawns Fishing,mining,herblore(not, if you only mean gp, but they can still be sold to stores for gp). can't think of any more right now.
  7. for p2p you could pickpocket female HAM members for easy clues and do them. there's a guide about it on these forums aswell
  8. http://forum.tip.it/topic/296781-pyrelord-firemaking/page__hl__pyrelord for the best exp
  9. Why won't you level summoning until you reach 52? even a bullant makes many things easier (the special ability restores the same amount of energy as the terrorbirds
  10. You could still make ~1m/hr with a tortoise or even tbird stealing kills from green dragon bots at chaos tunnels using rapier. (flashing/using piety with super att+str, some house tabs(for prayer and edge tele) ) It's not very pleasant though.
  11. Nice hammer collection! I used to did that too, but sold them after GE came out. I had like 800 i think.
  12. Not to sound ignorant or dumb, but if all the constants for both experiments are the same and the only variable that is different is the weapon, what does it matter? If I was on task I would still be getting the 15% using the CR that I would get using the SS. The same would be said for if I replaced a glory and row with a fury and imbued ring. The speed of the weapon, you get more out of the FSH/void/str boost with a faster weapon. But.... he said he used a SS not c maul, Quyneax.
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