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  1. Implying


    No cancer sticks here :thumbup:
  2. Implying


    Wait, what? What? What's wrong with a lighter? Why would you use a soldering iron to smoke? -no refills necessary -less cost over time due to the above -no butane inhalation -no butane taste -can be used for soldering -could be used to vaporize rather than combust Did I mention no butane taste?
  3. Are we allowed to post negative opinions?
  4. Post your favorite words. I'm very curious to see if favorite words are highly individual or go across many people. Mine is probably egad. It's just so hilarious to hear/see people use it. I remember a post on the Faith/Religion thread by someone and it went something like: "to stop possible male and female fraternization (egads!)" :lol: So, what's your favorite word and why?
  5. Implying


    Wait, what? What?
  6. You shouldn't fool around while cooking with a grill. You could burn yourself. What? Who are you? And by that I mean which OT member are you. He misspelled girlfriend and I made a joke about it... :unsure: I am Implying.
  7. Implying


    My dad fixed them :^_^: Funnily enough, had I not bought my soldering iron (which I use to smoke) it could not have been done. I have a birthday coming up so it's not like it would have been the end of the world, but now I can get something else :thumbup: Oh US consumerism. We love you so.
  8. The Taliban will never, ever back down and we will never, ever eradicate their control and forces. Per above, provide humanitarian aid, but do not occupy. My humble onion.
  9. Implying


    Why did you buy these expensive headphones? I didn't know anything about technology. Still, they were very nice while they lasted. Turtle Beach PX21s. I had the P21s before them and they broke too. Never again.
  10. Then pirate it. The company doesn't exist anymore, so nobody is getting hurt. But the vast, vast majority of pirating is done with games/music/movies/whatever from companies that still exist.
  11. You shouldn't fool around while cooking with a grill. You could burn yourself.
  12. Implying


    Speaking of that, how in the [bleep] do you ollie? I tried to learn for hours, but I could never make the board get up off the ground enough. Is it supposed to smack into the ground?
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