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  1. Or otherwise the character would catch pneumonia and die? ;)
  2. ive seen 200k/hour for bgs. the whole lending thing is horrible -.- I cant wear anything decent without being begged to lend it out. Great just what I need, more begging! Thanks Jagex...really well thought out....
  3. If in theory Jagex brought sailing in, it'll be like all the other transport in Jagex, you'll never see your character actually travel! Instead it'll go black or see the same short animation. :roll:
  4. What??? Summoning was a superb addition to the game. That's a matter of opinion! I find it boring. Pets don't appeal to me. How can science be in a fantasy game? I have enough of that in real life!
  5. Erm..? 15x the xp? I have 13,450k Range xp, Does that mean a book would give me 201,750,000 Range XP? Doubt it. Its 15x Your level in XP.. Which means 99*15=1485Xp. You knew EXACTLY what he meant. He just said it wrong... Why be a ball buster? On topic: I think they'd go for around what everyone has priced so far... What did he mean?
  6. To get an idea what night would be like, just go down into lumbridge dungeon with a crappy light source (ie- not a bullseye lamp). It's not impressive.
  7. It looks like evening because in daylight it wouldn't be possible to to see the light emitted from the flames. The option of night seems pointless because I wouldn't see the detail. If it was to be brought in, Jagex would have to allow it to be optional.
  8. The way you said it seemed immature, it gave me the impression you meant I shouldn't have a problem parting with the small subscription charge. Fair enough it was a misunderstanding. Not sure if you actually mean I easily spend that much on games and DVDs considering our last misunderstanding...I don't see how you can assume that from the info I've given (including living in overdraft).
  9. Are you sure it's that much? xp of what? Current level or is it equivalent to a certain task? Because I always get tiny amounts. I think those would fetch a lot, like 100K or more, because lazy noobs would buy them in bulk instead of training.
  10. I agree it's lame...what's the point of having a different catch that's just as crappy as shrimp? I hate noob updates! :wall:
  11. Then don't come back Prejudiced against the poor, well I'm prejudiced against those with crappy sigs. Again thanks to those who posted their opinions. I'm still undecided. :^o
  12. If I can't read updates I wouldn't know that Runescape has changed a lot in the first place (or use this forum)! I wanted to know what's it like to experience! I'm a poor student living in overdraft so I can't afford to waste £3.50. When you grow up, you'll learn the value of money and that there won't always be an endless supply from mummy's and daddy's pockets. To the people telling me to try out ftp, that is really like old runescape. I wanted to know if it's worth paying up for the new graphics and member features. Thanks to those who actually gave me advise. :)
  13. They will never get over it! It's the stuff noobs dream of!
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