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  1. Search Zezima's Wedding on Youtube.
  2. Same way you activated the first time, sorry for the startling welcome.
  3. Ok I understand you but if I had a one year old son the last thing I would be worrying about is when I am going to level up... :anxious: Well maybe he doesn't? It's called priorities, Fleetcom. Just because you play RuneScape, it doesn't become the #1 focal point of your life, as you so clearly believe. What the hell was that. Read my post again. I said the son would be all I cared about.
  4. RustStorm, now that was a good pal.
  5. Don't be a noob and double post. Check your inbox maybe your signature rights were disabled. Try Pming a Mod Next Time.
  6. I am 15 and I can't even imagine being a father in one year. That's just wrong.
  7. To RSC. I don't know sometimes. The quests and everything are better in RS2 but the pking, you can't even compare it to the classic engine.
  8. I did she says I need to go earn some.
  9. In warriors guild every npc tells me I need tokens when I already have 300! I got them from fighting animated armour. Do I have the right ones?
  10. I was using rune and I lost 3 full ones. Not risking another.
  11. Ok I just have some questions: How many tokens do you think I will need. How often does your armour break (I am using Iron)
  12. Heart: Affliction link is: http://z13.invisionfree.com/RS2_Pest_Control/index.php? Heart = Owned.
  13. strength, shouldn't the fighting skills be one called combat?
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