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  1. That was an unbelievably fast response time! Thank you both, it's performing exactly as desired. =]
  2. First of all, thank you Stev and the Tip.it crew for making and hosting the Dungeonsweeper; it is fantastic and I can't thank you enough. I was wondering if you could add an option in the right-click tray icon menu to fix the GUI in place, so it can't be dragged until the option is turned off again. I keep clicking next to my timer button and accidentally dragging the GUI across my screen at the start of the floor. :cry: Other ways of doing this: Adding a button much like the key and gatestone buttons on the bottom-left of the GUI with a padlock icon on it, which you can click to fix the GUI in place and free by clicking it again. Adding a similar button with a draggy mouse icon like this → on it to the bottom-left of the GUI, which you can click-and-hold to move the GUI around(much like you can move a window around in Windows by clicking and holding the title bar). The reason I'd go for the right-click tray icon menu option is that a button on the GUI could also be missclicked, much like one can missclick the current drag boxes. After all, the drag boxes are essentially buttons. Also, I really liked the varying degrees of map opalescence on the old GUI, but you already seem to be working on bringing that back(or rather allowing access to :wink: ) that feature. Thank you in advance!
  3. And another one in the Chaos Tunnels: It's in the small Fire Giant room(number 11 on the map I linked to in the previous post), 7 steps east of the western portal in that room; a picture can be found here.
  4. A scan coordinate is missing from the Chaos Tunnels list. It is in the Ice Troll room in the south-west of the Chaos Tunnels, room 48 on this map. A picture of the location may be found here. The coordinate is one square south and three squares east of the blue burner/scrying pool.
  5. It's his Effigy exp from the end of the day yesterday till today. Runetracker works with a sliding window. The Slayer exp of yesterday fell off, but the Effigy Slayer exp is still on there. He started Slaying today and got 68k def exp, so it means he got 10 Effigies yesterday and slayed about 40k exp at the start of today, then logged, and someone(or himself) updated the tracker. And about Dapledo: He seems to do a little bit of WC and RC every day while doing his buyables/fast skills. If you look at the way his exp goes up, it's been that way for weeks. Seeing as he has a few buyables/fast ones left to get to 100M, I think he will just continue doing this and eventually he'll end up with all skills at 100M while getting no big RC/WC gains in the process.
  6. I think it's just because he uses his effigies at the end of the day. If the "new day point" comes right before he used his effigies, it looks like the only experience he got that day was from effigies. So he sort of starts the Runetrack day by spending the effigies he got during his "day", which apparently ended at 8 AM in that instance.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that Duke Marko is powerslaying? He did some pretty hardcore RCing a few months ago as well. Would be nice if he came back.
  8. Drumgun is going to have to pull something extra special out of the hat if he still wants to be first page in all combat skills now that so many people are maxing Prayer.
  9. It's funny how Dapledo would be ranked as number two on this list if he did a hard week of Dungeoneering. Not to mention he has many of the hard/slow skills at 100M+ or on the way there.
  10. I think it is nice to see that even though you are so involved in getting experience, you are still noticing that Jagex is getting less and less emotionally attached to the game. Most of the time when people spend a lot of time on something, they only set their sights on the goal and forget about what is going on around them. So it is good to see that you are still being critical about what Jagex is doing to this game for the sake of engorging the figure on their bank accounts. And you're right about the Katana. I think it's pretty lame how Jagex gives benefits to some players. When the member's loyalty system update was announced in the BTS this month, I asked why they were being hypocrites to their own values on the forums(beacuse before they have said "real life wealth should in no way influence the gaming experience of our players permanently and they should never be forced into buying membership at a set point in time in order to get an advantage over their fellow player", which is also why the Katana is a sad thing). I think I asked three times, but I never got an answer, even though the Jmod(Mod Nexus) was answering questions other people had asked at the same time I asked my questions. Also, the fact that the Gowers and Constant Tedder(the CEO during the "good times of Jagex") stepped off the board and were replaced by "a bunch of bankers" in December is a sad thing. Obviously, when the investors make the decisions in the Jagex company, every decision will have "make more money" as the target, instead of "make a good game that we feel proud of". If you look at the time that Jagex started going downhill with RuneScape, you can see that it is about half a year before Mr. Tedder quit as the CEO, so I think he had a lot to do with the quality at Jagex. It's even possible that he wanted to leave because he no longer felt any pride for the direction in which the Gowers wanted to take RuneScape, and that may be why he didn't want to be involved with it anymore. I personally find it very striking that at the point Mr. Tedder must have decided that he wanted to leave, the number of good updates dropped like a brick, and the number of unnecessary/unwanted updates rose to an all-time high. I hope you and others will get the chance to "complete" the game and get your 5B exp. But in reality, I doubt that there will be enough time. At the moment, they are fishing every last fish out of the sea, until the sea is nothing more than a chaotic wasteland where no-one can find anything that is useful to them. Good luck with the race against Jagex; not to mention the race against your fellow players.
  11. I don't agree with your first point because it doesn't work that way in the practical and long-term world. Furthermore, there has never been any proof that doing only the first waves is better, only people claiming things without any evidence whatsoever. From personal experience I found doing full waves(perhaps without the queen) is the fastest way. But I shall shut up now because this is going nowhere. :-P
  12. This is Jebrim's point, everyone. Of course it is technically possible. I have done 91-'99' Agility with the horn as well, managing exp rates of over 100k. After doing that, however, I feel that if you did this for dozens of millions of experience, it would get extremely annoying. You people are underestimating the human factor; you have to deal with other people to get your team together. What if someone lags out in the middle? Who are you going to get to come to wave 7? You'll have to restart and find another teammate. This happens all the time! Go try it for 20M exp and then come back with a 95k+/hr rate. It's not the case of technical possibility, but of combining the needs of five people. Go try it for extended periods of training, and you will see that it isn't as easy as it looks on paper. The same element comes up in Dung, but because it's a "skill"(it being comparable to a mini-game like BA in many ways proves again that it's a mini-game and not a skill), many people are available. Even though the same 90% of the Dung players may be idiots just as well as 90% of the BA players are idiots, there is a far greater number of able players left than at BA. That's all I have to say. Go try it.
  13. Fill horn in 3 hours? With an average of 11 rounds per horn, that would be 16.36 minutes per round. The RECORD is just under 17 minutes for a round, and that has only been done ONCE, so this is not a realistic time. Four hours or four hours and twenty minutes is far more realistic and could be managed, making the horn reallistically useful. However... I do agree with Jebrim. I have used the horn for a few millions of Agility exp, and I used to play BA long before the horn ever came out, I played it all day long for over a year, right from the release date, without any rewards of note. At that time, there were a lot of people who were pretty active BA players, but we all got a bit less active and couldn't manage 10+ rounds every day anymore. New players may be more active at first, but those few new excited players will not give you the sheer amount of players to pick from that you would need to get 200M Agility with the horn in an efficient way. What I'm saying is: Try to get 20M straight Agility exp with the horn and take note of your mental state and the possible amount of time that your horn runs dry. You will either be going back and forth between BA and the Barbarian course and PMing while you're doing Agility, or your horn will run dry very often. I strongly doubt that it would be possible to find a team of active BA players that is large enough for you to be playing BA in such a way that your horn stays sufficiently full all the time. Sometimes there won't be 4 other players(remember, you might have 3 good players, but that's not enough; you always need at least 4), sometimes there will be enough for one round but then they have to go and you're going back and forth between BA and Agility 20 times a day; what does that do to your training morale? Even though it's theoretically possible, the realistic approach to the logistics and the mental toughness required to do this is one that I am not able to find. And let me point out: Most people who have played BA ever since the release only use the horn to get 99s. Either they quit or they just don't care for exp. Loving BA and loving Agility enough to get vast amounts of experience is not a combo that I have found in anyone.
  14. [rage name=Redorok]Well, at least they do have a sense of humour, albeit a cruel one. I think I could make a list of time-waster updates at least 2000 updates and patches long, concerning the past 4 years. Don't think there will be 200 good updates and patches that I could list of that period. Just to name a few examples: -Changing the way the website looks a hundred times a year -Removing Low Detail graphics as such, and I think we did pay for the development of that, didn't we? -Holiday Events -Facebook login -Splitting the forum communities up, changing the lay-out of the forums and adding/removing boards a hundred times a year -Wasting time on social networking sites -Constantly talking about "the community" and organising events for "the community" while actually the valuable and inspirational members of "the community" are all getting fed up and quitting -Designing ways to force free players to get membership -Desgining ways to make loyal players feel appreciated without actually giving them any content updates And of course, everyone's favourite: -MechScape(at least they kept the concept art!!!) And this is not even mentioning the lack of attention they pay to things that do actually need to be patched or changed. I wonder, for example, why Tears of Guthix and the Skeletal Horror still can't reset together with the penguins, even though I had a 600+ supporter thread running for over 2 years concerning this matter. The least they could have done is drop a line saying "It isn't possible, because..." or "We're looking into it and have taken notice of the amount of work you have put into keeping this thread alive for two years...". But they obviously can't do that because they only have time for important things, as can be seen above. Long story short: They'll just do whatever they want and you can't count on exp rates in relation to effort or exp rates in relation to time spent staying equal for any given period of time.[/rage]
  15. Paperbag, humans can only live in the present and the future(until we invent time-machines, of course). Therefore, try to find things that you can enjoy in the present and the future and change in the present. Remember; life is in the future, not the past. The past can teach us things which can make it easier for us to shape our future, but we cannot change it, nor should we wish to. If something has hurt you in the past, you should try to learn from it instead of trying to change it. Trying to change things in the past only means that there are still lessons to learn from that past, lessons which *will* help you in the future, and in the future which you *can* influence. Living in the past only means that we don't want to face our mistakes, yet facing mistakes is one of the most important things to do to develop as a person and become happier than we ever were. Humans are made to move, not to stand still. Even the tastiest food becomes dull if you eat it too much. My advice to you is: You are in this position right now, but you will not be in this position forever. Learn what you can, and then move on to your next project in life. Live in the present, long for the future, appreciate the past. The best of luck to you. @Kingduffy: I've always been quite partial to your style of play, so kudos on that. I have been wondering if you would go for the trimmed completionist cape. It seems to me that you want to play the entire game and get the most out of it. Do you think the trimmed completionist cape offers that? Or do you think some elements of it are actually stopping players from experiencing the whole game because they focus too much on one thing(e.g. Castle Wars)? Curious to find out what you think, thank you for posting. :-) Always nice to hear.
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