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  1. I need to know combat formulas and desired stats and combat lvl for a mage, ranger, and meleer. Looking for around level 30-50?
  2. Hello, I'm x 20 x.. I have been playing Runescape sicne I was in the 7th grade.. I'm now in the 12th grade. I was around for the beginning of runescape. I have quit runescape, but as of today, I am now playing again. I've deleted my friends list and started back on this character fresh. If anyone would like a good loyal friend, I'm your man. I have found mining iron ore with and empty friend's list kinda sucks. haha.
  3. oh you already posted this? if so.. ill erase.. i am sorry
  4. I have been thinking a lot about this. What word comes to mind when you think of The Old Nite? No, I was not his friend. I never spoke to him, but I have heard of other peopler talk about him. I also realize what he accomplished... i believe that is enough as it is. The word that comes to my mind is Legend. A man.. that was severly sick, dedicated the remains of his life to this game. It meant this much to him.. we should show him some appreciation. This will aslo show that Jagex really cares about its players. Im suggesting a statue be placed in the Legends Guild In honor and memory of The Old Nite, maybe when you click to read it.. it give a one paragraph summary of his rs career. I believe he deserves something like this. If this has been suggested I am sorry. Thank You, x 20 x
  5. ok, i figured i would have to... so whats the best way to get 50 agility? my friend said the tickets at the arena is good? is that true?
  6. What part do you need 50 agility for.. Would it be possible with 45 agility and summer pies or 47 agility and agility pots?
  7. x_20_x

    Caos RCing?

    im turning 35 rune crafting in about 10 minutes is why i'm asking
  8. x_20_x

    Caos RCing?

    maze... ouch... erm well.. i don't really understand the abyss.. but i guess ill try it.. lol
  9. How tough is it? Around how many could I craft in an hour.. with and without glorys.. ? thanks
  10. yeah I'm a junior.. soon to be senior in high school.. i started playing in the middle of my 7th grade school year so that means round 2001 also does anyone rememebr where you could see everyones name and who was online at the moment.. and out from there name it said how old their character was...?
  11. there never was a bank in Karamja.. :roll: I don't think 200,000 people would be playing this game if it was like it used to be... lol Mith battle axes were the best item i remember... I'm an oldbie also. It was lvl 65 Smithing for iron plate... I fell for the armour upgrade scam.. lol I stayed in Lumbridge.. because you could'nt attack anyone, and I used up my 2 pk/non pk.. changes lol i was nonpker.. my bro pked all the time.. I also remember when more than one person stood on a pile noone could pick up. That was o=always funny... Now do you see why the game has changed? lol
  12. ex. Rune legs are 64k in the store... Anyone know thew value of dragon legs? Would I keep them If I died While wearing: D Legs D Long R Plate R Kite Glory Berserker Helmet.
  13. spoke to late i just bought some for 6k each lol.. dang it
  14. Just started slayer today and got blue dragons. Where can i get anti fire breath potions and how much do they go for? Thanks Also.. how long does one pot last
  15. Currently 39 theving and 31 agility Whats the quickest way to get up both lvls
  16. Im 49 ranged right now.. getting 70... how many arrows approx. would i need and also wheres best range spots based on my lvl... PC on iron and steel arrows too Would i t be cheaper to smith and fl3etch arrows?
  17. what about the blue dragons down there?
  18. Is there a safespot to mage demons?
  19. Can it be maged from outside the cage without the dragon spitting fire at you? Thanks
  20. Going to do the fued quest, where can i get some of the desert clothes and stuff?
  21. I was debating over the next quest to do, and I saw the reward for this quest. The quest doesn't seem to tough. The reward says that you get to rule the place and you can pay people to work for you... can someone explain this in more detail? Like how much would i be paying, how much would i get out of it say if i paid the guys to grow herbs?
  22. I've gotten the twiugs.. according to tip its guide it says go to glugh's house and use em on the pillars? where are the pillars?
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