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  1. Can anyone confirm for me that the spell "Iban Blast" is no longer a part of the game? I was away from the game for a while, so I don't know everything that happened with the Evolution of Combat. If this is true, I think the magic guide, item database, and magic skill calculator should probably be changed to reflect that fact. Unless those are intended to accommodate RSC as well?
  2. When I had stats about what you have, as far as combat, I think I did a lot of training in the Stronghold of Security. I don't know if that's still cool but when I was playing two years ago it was. There's pretty good spots to range there too. I leveled up a lot on minotaurs (I think) because they drop tons of iron arrows. I actually gained arrows most of the time shooting there. I made money by mining, but that's kind of uncommon apparently. Something else to consider: Maybe you are having a lot of fun playing and just don't really know what the next step is. You did all the easy quests (or maybe all the quests) and you just need to figure out how to train now that you are getting higher stats. On the other hand, maybe you are trying to force yourself to play because you sort of think Runescape should be fun but you're not actually having any fun. Don't force yourself to play. Do something else for a while. You'll think of something that you want to pursue in-game sooner or later. /ramblings-of-a-crazy-old-miner
  3. I have personally never used one before, but I've been wanting to get one recently...if any of them are legal. If there aren't any programs that are legal, is there some method that works better that I should know about?
  4. :shock: I guess I might be able to help with the pick up party... Cool idea, way to go out in style. Any particular reason you are quitting?
  5. Wow, amazing day today. I started off a good bit short of 77 mining and ended the day getting both 77 and 78 for a total xp today of nearly 180k!!! That is huge! I also seem to have found peace within myself when I mine--that means that I can now almost totally shut off my brain when I mine, maybe I can sleep too... Anyway, a very sucessful day, and I only have one class tomorrow, so things are looking good!! This success is due in large part to a great runner I had tonight. I would have stayed at 110k had he not shown up and I hope to win him over to the forums here.
  6. Well, I ended up passing my goal for today to make the numbers a little easier to remeber. I got maybe 114k xp today to get a nice round 1,450,000 mining xp. I plan to get 100k minimum xp per day, and more likely I'll go for 110k xp per day. I am currently aiming for 85 mining to land on St. Patrick's Day, but sometime around Easter would be good too. Mark you calenders!!!
  7. Well, I tried mining granite for a while, but didn't find it that much better than iron. I did, however, mine in world 6. It's artful folks. I can drop three ore before the first respawns about 50% of the time in a full world. This makes me happy, the next step is to be able to do it without paying more than 20% attention. Anyways, i got my 100k xp for the day early, so now I can maybe arrange something for as far as dueling rings for banking a little of this stuff. I don't know how well that will work as I'm still too much of a newb to be able to tele to Ardougne :-k
  8. Thank you all for your support, whenever I think about quitting, I just remember all the folks back home at tip it. I managed my first really planned micro goal to get 100k exp today achieving 76 mining, one level in one day, not too shabby! I like this pace of ~100k exp per day, and I shall try to keep it up, maybe if I keep rocking hard, I will finish on St. Patty's day. That would be really cool. Thank you thekiller308 for your granite mining advice, I will definitely give that a test run tonight or early tomorrow. Also thanks for the competition, extra motivation is always appreciated :thumbsup: (I bet you win too : )
  9. Hey, much luck with your goals, my brother/sister (?) miner. Check out my blog too, I'm going for 85 right now. 99 I'm not so sure about, your attitude is encouraging though. Do you get much competition in world 2?
  10. I would get def high enough to have a combat level 4 or 5. Also a big fan of the liederhosen hat. Monk robes look cool in my opinion, as do staffs, i go for kind of the weather beaten old guy look though...
  11. Picture this: You log on after getting back from school/work/sleep to find that you have been stat wiped back to about a skill total of ~1000. The best armor you have is full rune and you can only use a dragon long/ dds, which you still have somehow; your combat level is 76. You don't have a whole lot of cash, possibly a respectable chunk of ore in the bank. What do you do? (remember, this is totally hypothetical...)
  12. Dang, this is a pretty sweet blog. I am very tempted to go out and try it. I have had abominable luck with clue scrolls in the past, but if I can just get that HAM cloak bought, Ill be in business. I'm tempted, but right now I'm walking the straight and narrow to 85 mining. I know what the first thing I'll do when I get 85 is though--mine runite for a month. The second thing I'll do, however, is get me a clue [scroll].
  13. Well, to finish off a very productive day (I had to write an essay today ) I got myself within 100k of level 76, which I hope to obtain tomorrow with a little luck. Unfortunately, towards the end I was getting a lot of lag, possibly from the LAN here at school. You wouldn't think that lag would make a lot of difference to a power-miner--It does :evil: !!! Anyhow, if I can KO my homework tomorrow pretty quickly, I should be able to get my 76 mining pretty easily :thumbsup: So long for today, and thanks for the encouragement, it really does mean a lot to me.
  14. Hey, thanks for helping! I got 75 Mining!!! Coal is slightly easier...slightly.
  15. I would like a runner for iron this afternoon/tonight. PM me in game if you are interested, we can figure out a world. I will be playing tonight at 7 CST.
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