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  1. so the turkey slaying part only gave the emote that was given last year....lame, i already had it, and as for the forum based event, gay, thats all i have to say, some of thier answers for the items make no sense what so ever.
  2. look at the price of an uncu ruby in the GENERAL STORE, I MEAN LOOK...
  3. thats sux ive got nothin to match the scythe
  4. i missed this years event is there any way to buy or get the grim reapers hood?
  5. first thing i did, was wayyyyy back when, i killed goblins, got iron daggers till i could afford a steel hatchet, that was when there was an average of 30k people on rs
  6. nope i never have, maybe b/c i made mine right when rs2 came out, right after beta phase, noone like to be original in diff ways and like to match, i say poo on you
  7. well yes the longer attention span u have, but more of a life u have, little kids who play this normally have no life if they are quite a high lvl noramlly
  8. i hate macroers specially in members, lvl 3s that have members, cmon u know they are getting paid to macro, i mean they shouldnt even let lvl 3 characters in members, but all they care about is money y the heck should jagex care as long as they are getting paid, noone in their right mind would start a members acount at lvl 3, so i think memebsr should be capped at lvl 30 or something so they at least have to work for it a lil
  9. people in f2p in rsc the big weapons were battle axe, and 2h, scimmys were rarely ever used, the first rune weapon i ever got was a rune long, in rsc when rune actually looked cool to have, i would say people would use diff weapons more if the weapons had a little more detail put into them, i mean look at the weapon pics from rsc sprite to now, i think the old weapons looked alot better, but i only use scimmy now
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