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  1. lets have a look what stats would stay if they brought morality : bold = fine the way it is bold + italic = some changes need making normal = unnacceptable attack - first to go. strength - what else do you need it for but to kill people. defense - protecting yourself, but if there was no attack or strength, then thered be no use for it. ranged - is killing people with arrows allowed in society #-o prayer - this would be allowed (protect items, which probably wouldnt be needed) magic - ill let this slip by, although thered only be tele'ing runecrafting - u can only certain runes (no minds, chaos, death, bloods construction - no major problems hitpoints - better keep it so u dont trip over and kill yourself by grazing your knee :) bah im bored now, somebody else can continue the list :P
  2. Actually it would. They could be programmed to find the operator in the math problem, and from there it could determine what the two numbers are based on the operator's location in the text. well make it difficult for them, use 1000's of different fonts styles (and +'s and -'s signs) randomly. this would stop them being able to detect it wouldnt it? :S im probably wrong, but at least im trying :-w
  3. i can remember them being at 21m at the (cabbage or flower?) patch just west of varrock palace thing. they were some of the best times in rs :) \ and i think santas were about 200k then :P
  4. umm, what would this do if u actually did it? :-s edit: oh yea, id send it to jagex but just say u were told about it by a friend (otherwise they might think you were searching for cheats or something) edit 2: why would they think u were searching for cheats when u reported them lol :wall:
  5. nvr seen it before, but its nothing special really. this like ur 15th topic in 10 mins? :S
  6. it was 8 months or so ago. and how much has runescape improved over 8 months? :) and it will probably carry on improving
  7. adidas gnome balls and nike climbing boots? omfg teh 0wn4g3 \
  8. nvr heard of it, but im sure it will make runescape better :D
  9. just met a guy named "bogs dollox", made that name coz his main (da no1 pker) got banned
  10. u go to the slayer masters (such as in edgeville dungeon) and ask them for a task. They then tell u to kill a certain number of a type monster (not just slayer monsters). For each monster u kill which he assigned, u will get the number of hits exp it has in slayer exp. think this makes sense, im sure theres a skills guide on the actual tip.it which would explain a lot better though :wall:
  11. well, that was weird :o just as i was reading this, as i flicked to the 7th page i checked rs, had a message from : "ilikesex5432" - saying "you are a ***" \ never even heard of him lol
  12. why are some people heartless (refering to the flamers.) just think (speedofsound), lifes life, theres nothing u can do to change it really. Normally in life, after a few bad occasions, there will be happiness soon to follow, so just look to the future, wait. Take this chance to grow closer to your friends (and family). goodluck, if u decide to leave, although an hour or so of runescape a day is a good way of clearing ur mind of the problems of life :) goodluck again, dowsysarch
  13. doh, just realised, u kinda needa the minimap visible so they make more sense, but ive cut it off :oops:
  14. Well in that case you have the wrong forum... the laughs forum is down the road to your left :roll: I hafta agree with LP it needs more work and these look closely images are old hat... would catch very few off guard. ~Alduron better go there to read a few jokes then? :P i agree with u tho lol
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