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  1. Mightaswell add this one to the index too [hide=looks to be a bit sideways][/hide]
  2. Here we go, a more recent picture of me. :D The one in the index is 2 years old, so if youre still doing that, please replace the od one with this one. [hide=][/hide] :twss:
  3. In a society where homosexuals are attacked and outcasted, why would you choose to be homosexual?
  4. When people start being delusional because they can't otherwise find stability in society, we don't let them build organizations and give them tax breaks, we get them assistance and mental help. There must be more to religion; otherwise we should be trying to get rid of it and help people out of it. If youre going to equate people who are religious to people with mental diseases, then you must equate religion to medication that control those diseases. It's the same thing.
  5. True Laura, though it I don't believe it needs to be. Many other countries set a fine example of alcohal safely being a part of society.
  6. The existance of a God is a point we could sit here and argue forever, just look at how huge this thread is, ultimatly it's trivial. It doesn't matter if there is a God or isn't because the necessity for one is there. Some people need something to believe in, they need to know there is something larger than themselves looking out for them, or else they may feel alone in this world. There are also people who don't need that, athiests. And that's fine. Everyone is just doing what they need to get through this life, if people need God, let them have it, if they don't, let them not.
  7. I'll be watching some fireworks tonight, they've never been that big of a deal to me. I love music, and I love drumming.
  8. In this society, alcohol is a needed asset. How so? I might be going on a tangent here but you'll notice alcohal is only a major problem here in America, and thats because of the restrictions we put on it. Look at countries in Europe that don't have those kind of restrictions and the amount of people with alcohal problems is significantly lower.
  9. Me - Coldplay Funny i hardly ever listen to Coldplay anymore. Nadril - Tangerine Dream Lateralus - Tool Warrior - Tool and that's all i can come up with right now. :P
  10. The killer in me is the killer in you. - Smashing Pumpkins
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