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  1. =D> =D> Well I'd flame but I'm too busy laughing.. I'll flame it when im done.. =D> =D> #-o THIS GUY IS AMAZING! #-o
  2. ahaha how simple.. would've never thought to try that one.. those skullcrushers are nice... hmmmmmmmm ty
  3. So.. i need a new headset.. something price worthy.. under 100$ surround sound would be nice.. im tired of having to use my bose headphones AND wear a headset with broken speakers BUT working mic... any suggestions?
  4. I loved you Yesterday, before You killed my family -Serj Tankian - Empty walls You're tearing us, You're tearing us, You're breaking us, Breaking us, You're killing us, Killing us, You're saving us... serj - saving us We are the cause of a world that's gone wrong, Nature will survive us human dogs after all, We are the cause of a world that's gone wrong, Wouldn't it be great to heal the world With only a song serj - honking antelope Anti-depressants Controlling tools of your system Making life more tolerable Making life more tolerable I believe that you're wrong Insinuating they hold the bomb Clearing the way for the oil brigade Clearing the way for the oil brigade serj - the unthinking majority sssseeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrjjjjjjj from SOAD is a GENIOUS
  5. i love some good rise against.. i like the one "GUILTY! is what our graves will READ!"
  6. smoking kills.. so this quest let me say... EFN#WLJBKWSBNWKNDENf3 3fj kd lkw fd and.. i need some help.. if someone can bring me some pray pots.... 2-4... ill pay 50k....... i just dont wanna leave and have to do this CRAP again... i got one side done.. and now i need to do the other side and they just keep FREAKINB respawning and im out of pray/food... i really dont wanna have the leave.. wa5t3d_y0u7h in game... im takin a break.. gettin a tylenoll... ne1 wanna help? so im just gonna leave... get 10 pray pots... and walk all the way back...
  7. this thread was almost dead... >.< :shame: but yeah you mustve posted just to tell us howlong youve been playin.. and all the old school players i know from back in the rsc days.. ect.. we've all quit and come back.. repeat.. i quit for 2 years and came back.. we put up with it just long enough, quit, come back(cus its runescape :-P) 2001-
  8. [/hide] :-s What rule did you "break"? no clue.. maybe its cus i was flooding.... my own cc.... ? i was only muted for 10 mins... so...?
  9. idk i didnt specify anything.. ive posted a few full songs myself..
  10. its nothing to complain about but i dont see personally what got me 24 hour muted ************: [clan] k bring them tommarow plz wa5t3d_y0u7h: ne1 got extra rope wa5t3d_y0u7h: yoo wa5t3d_y0u7h: stupid rope >< wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] yeah lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: yeah lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] ops wa5t3d_y0u7h: doin clue scroll need some ropeage wa5t3d_y0u7h: ty buddy wa5t3d_y0u7h: cya after ur kbd ************: [clan] it is wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] w00t wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] >.< wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] can i be jennifer the fairy princess this time uncle rill wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] playing a hobo is no funn wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] erg from 3 scrolls wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] to a coordinate.. finally wa5t3d_y0u7h: lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: yo wa5t3d_y0u7h: mmmmmmmmmmm wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] 2 and heif wa5t3d_y0u7h: ccus maybe i liked it wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] -.0 wa5t3d_y0u7h: lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: @ ur costume wa5t3d_y0u7h: rofl wa5t3d_y0u7h: i been here for hours >.> wa5t3d_y0u7h: just never sawy me wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] lol wa5t3d_y0u7h: doin treasure wa5t3d_y0u7h: lol r serious with the chick aint u wa5t3d_y0u7h: !? wa5t3d_y0u7h: rub wa5t3d_y0u7h: [clan] run* other then the fairy/hobo comment... wich is me and my buddy talkin like we usually do to keep us entertained from wc'in... whats wrong edit: 1st mute in 8 years not bad ftw... edit 2: it only lasted 10 minutes? i got the mute message at 20:30 and the unmute at 20:43...????
  11. w0000000hhhhhhhhh 190 quest points to go! aahahaha @ Dragon godsword :wall: :wall: :wall: =D> =D> #-o #-o
  12. yeah i almost missed my bronze.. their so small..
  13. i keep seeing a consistent flow of old "quitters" that everyone i talk to.. they progressively get on more and more.. then quit later... and repeat.. idk about tv adverts.. maybe when the games 10+$ a month and all fullscreen with WASD walking ( :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ) buuuut idk bout now...
  14. w0000h tomorrow we get finale it better be as good as last weeks
  15. Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental i actually like a bit of lupe.. he's got some nice beats and his lyrics are pretty chill.
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