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  1. You passed Young Man Blues but not PttS?






    EDIT: Woot just FC'd Thrasher solo 2A


    Young Man Blues is easy... I can 5* it every time.


    Golded Painkiller expert drums first try yesterday with my [cabbage]ty rock band 1 pedal (my Rhythm Maker broke, getting a new one next week). I can FC both the intro and outro solos every time, so if I get consistent at the green roll right before the outro solo (only hard part of the song IMO), I might grind for an FC.




    Currently grinding for a Battery drums FC, but I know I won't get it until I get my new pedal.

  2. I just saw how fast I could ride my bike home from my friends house. I got home in 10 minutes when it usually takes me 15 minutes to walk somewhere that's halfway between our houses :thumbsup:

  3. I was supposed to go to my baseball practice an hour ago, but I'm home alone and have no way of getting there. My sister is at prom so I can't call her, and my mom hasn't picked up the phone even though I've called her like 15 times.

  4. People who think you have to like your life if you have money and have a lot of stuff.




    I agree. It just simply means you don't have as many financial problems as others. But that still leaves relationship problems, family problems, self-esteem problems, health problems, etc. In my opinion those are a lot worse. Besides providing you with the basic necessities, money doesn't do much for you at all.


    Yea, and it's not like money and possessions always equal happiness. I'd probably be more happy being extremely wise and only wealthy enough to pass, than if I was very rich and had an average intelligence.


    Though I think most of us can agree that it's rather annoying when very spoiled people get depressed because their parents won't buy them a fourth iPhone or something like that.


    Those types of kids are pathetic. I'm saying how if someone is rich, but really hates their life then other people might say, "You're rich! You can't be unhappy!" (this is a hypothetical situation).


    Especially if it's for skipping.


    "Oh, you skipped class, so we're going to make you skip even more class."


    Brilliant, eh?


    It's a lot worse when you get older. Missing classes means you have to make up all the work. It really sucks.


    ...You know, I'm your age...


    I don't know about you, but the people I know who skip generally don't plan on making up the work. Whether it's because they choose to skip, or because they're suspended.


    I was talking to the other kid :P


    You have a point though, there's this kid in my Wellness class who's like the stereotype wigger (WOW that isn't censored). He's the main drug dealer in my grade, and our first class we talked about how bad marijuana was (and the teacher asked to raise your hand if you thought you could get some kind of illegal substance in the next 10 minutes. Everyone raised their hand), and the kid hasn't come to class since. :lol:

  6. My 2nd favourite album at the moment. :D (First Metallica - Death Magnetic.)







    Ditto. :lol:




    Metallica and Green Day? :anxious:




    Can't I have my own opinion on music? Or do I have to go by one genre? <.<


    It's just a really odd combination.

  7. Well even if you managed to correctly connect a Gamecube plug onto a PS2 controller (I guess the only way to figure out if you did it right is if it gave it power), I highly doubt the controls would be mapped right. If they even worked at all.

  8. Lmao.


    I kinda wanted the joy of making a Playstation 2 Controller plug DIRECTLY into a Wii's GameCube slot, and being able to tell people I did it :(


    Leave this open for other peoples mods possibly?


    I highly doubt it's even possible unless you gutted a Gamecube and PS2 controller and put the Gamecube "guts" into the PS2 controller.

  9. Unless your extremely advanced with this kind of stuff, it's not possible.


    Although there is a $70 adapter that lets you plug PS2 controllers into any USB slot (including Xbox 360), and it does work on the 360. I forget what it's called though :lol:

  10. i told my teacher to fin die=detention




    dang cussing out a teacher is an automatic suspension at my school




    Detention is worse than suspension. I don't even understand why suspension is considered a punishment.


    Especially if it's for skipping.


    "Oh, you skipped class, so we're going to make you skip even more class."


    Brilliant, eh?


    It's a lot worse when you get older. Missing classes means you have to make up all the work. It really sucks.

  11. I finally finished flirting with disaster (expert) on RB1




    I dont really get into gaming as much as others so I haven't had the opportunity to play GHWT or other GH/band games. Can anyone who has played it, and other games like it, tell me if Flirting with disaster (definitely my crowning achievement because it took me ages) is comparable with other songs/games.






    What instrument? Guitar, there are tons of other songs that are much harder. Drums, there are tons of other songs that much harder.

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