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  1. I like skilling because I can multitask, and I like multitasking. That's why I spend lots of time skilling and never grow tired of it. But then some times I want to actually play RuneScape, and not just glance at the screen one every 3 minutes, so then I do some pvm or sometimes pvp, and I love dungeoneering too. ROFLOL @ Bessy the Dairy Cow. RuneScape really is a violent game, but we get used to it and don't realize how violent it is because there isn't blood all over like there would be in real life.
  2. I guess your just not very good at finding safe spots. Maybe mage could be made cheaper by adding something like a rune accumulator to the game? But then rc wouldn't be as good of a money maker, just like fletching is no longer a money maker.
  3. It's just like how I'm going crazy trying to kill Jad for the fire cape even though I have 5 99 skill capes and a quest cape and the fire cape isn't much better, I'm mostly doing it for the prestige. I'm a pvm skiller and I'm not good at pvp, nor do I like dying and loosing my stuff, which is why I don't bother to get good at it. Jad is the only boss that fights like a skilled pker, and you have to have high levels in both melee and ranged (or magic but thats even more expensive) to kill him, so that sort of ballances out the triangle. Maybe trying to kill Jad 10 times until I get the prestigeous and awesome fire cape will help me get better at pking. And I only got 99 cooking and fletching for the capes. I think I have a thing for capes. Another point the second article left out is that ranged ammo comes from fletching and food for melee comes from fishing and cooking, so runecrafting isn't the only non-combat skill that affects the combat triangle. Herblore effacts all of it, and crafting and smithing are used for making ranged and melee armor respectively. "Range just needs to do more damage to be of use in many situations" The dark bow is probably the most powerful weapon in the game, it just costs 100m. "alot of the time i just want to skill which makes the barrows armor useless as well" I think there should be more "armor" that benefits certain skills, like lumberjack does for wc.
  4. I always listen to either music or talk while playing RS, and I do even more while skilling. I have even read books while training skills, the reason I did so was I had to study and RS hellps me to not be bored while studying. I wonder if the author has considered that maybe the reason people multi task isnt that runescape isnt interesting enough, but that multi-taskers would rather multi-task no matter what they're doing? The only quest I havn't finished is Nomads Requium. It is extremely difficult, but I plan on trying again today.
  5. I studied abroad in the UK, it's a beutiful country with very nice people and is also very expensive, but most of the expense was from living in the dorm, food, and transportation. When I stayed for a week in London it was not expensive to stay at a hostel, I payed pretty much the same as I would in the US. I wish I could go to RuneFest, it sounds like a lot of fun. I do reenactment and its always tons of fun, it would be cool if they included some sword fights or fencing with the activities. It is difficult to make the gear and costumes, but there are a lot of people who do reenactment and already have some stuff that would work, but isnt specific to RuneScape. You don't see that stuff when you look for RuneScape crafts because it isn't necessarily RuneScape related, but it does exist in RuneScape. For example, I made a steel chain body, I even sent a picture in to Jagex, but it didn't get into the Players Gallery because it isn't specific to RUneScape. I also made a model of Falador Castle, but I don't have it with me where I live so I an't send in a picture. I hope to do that soon. Tickets for reenactment events cost a lot less than $100, but that's because it's not put on by a company, it's put on by the people who go to it, and they spend tons of money on it. Imagine if you had to provide your own food and entertainment, even if the tickets were only $20 you would still have to spend well over $100. But on the other hand, people spend whatever they can afford, and those that can't afford to spend a lot can exchange their labor for someone else's materials.
  6. Yeah representation is impossible, that's one reason I prefer self management and direct and participatory democracy.
  7. Some RuneScape updates may be like healthcare, but it's a mistake to say that all real life issues are. The government finally did something about our disastrous healthcare system because it was so expensive that major corporations were loosing money and moving out of the country, even to Canada. The insurance companies got pretty much what they wanted out of the "reform", but a lot of them still fought it because they didn't want a public option and they were afraid there might be a public option.
  8. nerdboyxxx/bballer: what makes you think Moses, or Jesus for that matter, was white? The Jewish people were Semitic, an ethnic group that originated in the Middle East.
  9. On PMODS: What they should do is decide on who should be a PMOD the way they used to, then they should use the new way to pick out Most Valuable Players (MVP's), the MVP's should be responsible for having more events and stuff.
  10. WTF is a tasty treat? Who would want to eat that? I am sick of RuneScape food that I wouldn't want to eat in rl. I mean gnome food is one thing, it's supposed to be gnome food, not human food, but come on. Since this is sort of like a tamale, why not just have tamales? For that matter, why not increase the variety of food from different cultures in general? I think that a chili pepper would be a really fantastic addition to farming, since it should be grown in an allotment and the highest level for allotments is a watermellon at the low level of 47. There should be an expansion to farming that would also create a lot of high level food.
  11. I recently found out that the guy who was my best friend when I was a kid now has his own kids.
  12. Ive been playing runescape for like 5 1/2 years, and I'm level 128 with 1990 total levels or so, I'm not really sure, but anyway I think people should stop being stupid calling people noob and whatever, and also stop caring if people are stupid.
  13. At least I can still merchant, in fact merchanting is easier! Ive gone from being a pvm skiller to a merchant skiller.
  14. I really like that idea, it would stop most RWT. RWTers would have to trade in barrows and dragon armor, and the new stuff like godswords and bandos and dragonfire shields. And some of those are worth hundreds of millions. Maybe that's why Jagex didn't do that, I think they really had to stop RWT for legal reasons.
  15. I usually like all the updates because I just like doing new things, and I usually go back to doing the same things after I play the updates, but this month I'm not happy with the updates, I think they're awful, not only did I not care that much about RWT that I would entirely change the game and cause thousands of people to stop playing, but even if Jagex had to do that they could have done it far better than they did.
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