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  1. I'm back to RS for the first time in several years, I'm just looking to see if any of my old friends are still around and seeing if anyone remembers me :) I was pretty active on RS and TI back in the day, I was a staff member here at tipit for a while and really enjoyed RS. real life caused me to leave the game for a while, but now I'm finally back! Feel free to message me in game if you remember me, I'm looking to find my old friends and my friend list seems to have been emptied somehow :(
  2. CPU-Z http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php
  3. http://www.windowsupdate.com Sounds like you will need to spend quite some time updating your computer... Do that, then download Ad-Aware SE and HJT.
  4. Some motherboards can only support so much RAM. But please, do what Merc said and post some more specs :wink:
  5. Your video card might hold you back, what's your processor? I doubt you will be able to play it on high detail, you will definetly need a better video card for that. You might be able to play it on low/medium, I'm not really sure how intense the graphics are.
  6. http://www.mysterybyte.com - Best computer shop in town. I suggest going in there and talking to those guys about your build. http://intencity.ca/ - Where two of my friends bought their PCs from. They might be a little expensive, but the people that work there are really nice. I'd go to mysterybyte first, and if you don't find anythign there, try this place. http://robotnik.com/home.php - In bayers lake. The stuff they sell is a little old, but you could still consult them if you don't find anything anywhere else. Mysterybyte would be my first choice, and I'd recomend going in person. They may even cut you a little deal if you go in and haggle with them :wink: The good thing with buying locally is that if something breaks, it's a lot easier to fix than sending it back somewhere for a few weeks/months.
  7. Where are you getting this Krunk? I'm from halifax too, so maybe I can help you find some deals locally :P
  8. If you want to lower your CPU temps, get into the bios and lower the voltage (Vcore I believe) to the CPU. NOTE: Along with doing this, you may need to lower the FSB of the CPU, or else you may get some stability issues. Buy a can of compressed air, open your case and give the fans a good spraying. I completely cleaned my system a few weeks ago and my temps dropped about 4 degrees ©.
  9. Lol, have you finally decided to do something about your computers security :P? Good work Runesmithie, now go get a decent firewall :wink:
  10. Do you want a list of any parts, or parts only from that site? Budget?
  11. What's good? :oops: That was supposed to be google, fixed it. Thanks Smithie :)
  12. The differenece between home and pro is mostly the features Since your on such a tight budget, just get home. You will likely have no need for pro. The added RAM will make your computer run faster in general, especially if it runs in dual channel. A search on google for something like "what does RAM do?" should give you a pretty concise answer. $600 for a laptop? I wouldn't bother if I were you. Laptops in that price range are VERY slow, and probly couldn't play Halo or Morrowind. If you really want to get one though, check http://www.newegg.com they have pretty good prices on everything related to computers :). Like I said though, I would stay away from laptops in that price range. The manufacturers are usually small companies, and you may experience warrenty trouble if something goes wrong. I'm not trying to be rude, but many small computer companies don't do a very good job honoring their warrenties.
  13. As Pyro said, that is overpriced junk :?. The components you can possibly put in that system are close to a year old. Your much better off buying the parts and assembling the system yourself. It's much cheaper, plus you can pick exactly what you need, without getting all the extra junk you don't need. The average system can be assembled in about 3 hours, and almost anybody can do it. If you could possibly find another site to buy parts from, it would definetly be worth it to try.
  14. Here for information, and here to buy one (with RuneScape money).
  15. Mwuhaha, I planned our graduation dinner and dance for today... I already have the hotel decorated, now I just have to get showered, dressed, pick up my date, and get to the hotel! 2.5 hours to go, wish me luck :wink:.
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