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  1. Lol just came in to check the forums after a year of absence (and even longer time of not posting frequently). For some reason I always wander back here to check if this place has changed much and what is going on. I doubt i'm remembered by many people as I never was that active of a poster myself. Thats ok though, I don't need the ego boost :D I do, however, remember lots of people who posted here and names. I quess i'm just glad to see the ol' tip.it is still standing and what it seems to me it hasn't changed much since last visit :)
  2. 1. Live free and carefree without any plans and forget about time and what weekday it is for atleast a month. (done that as a child when it was summer vacation but I can't say I was totally free then because of parents) 2. Have a longer relationship with a woman / be in love with a woman who is in love with me. 3. Travel abroad. Preferably to a country with a beach and warm and sun. 4. Experience spychedelic drug. 5. Jump from a high place, feel the weightlessness. (Parachute.. Benjijumping..) 6. Start my own bussiness / being my own boss / making decent cash 7. Being big strong muchle beast, being feared by weak men, respected by strong, and adored by women. 1 - Going to happen this winter. 2 - This is hard one but i'm hopefully gonna have a date with a girl soon again so lets see how it goes. 3 - Going to happen this winter. 4 - This shouldn't be too hard to accomplish but I want my mind to be in right condition. It was supposed to happen this summer but due to too much alcohol and work I felt my mind was way too cluttered. 5 - Just waiting for the right time. 6 - Don't see this happening anytime soon, first step is to enroll in bussiness school, which I have plans doing. 7 - This is ongoing project.. and I accomplish it step by step every week.
  3. Thanks for the support mate ;)

  4. Finally, someone who has actually read about nutrition, and cares to question what they're told.

  5. First off, Say what? All scientific research? Who says there isn't positivic scientific results on saturated fats? As I see it, Ghee does pose a cardiovascular threat., BUT only if it is mixed with unhealthy foods. Allow me to explain.And please correct me if you see error in this reasoning. Ghee comes with hella lot of cholesterol. Which is good. Read that again. Cholesterol is good. It acts like a bandade to fix damages in cardiovascular system. Now, the problem arises when you eat too much foods which cause stress to your body, and damage the cardiovascular system, like exess carbs (insulin is a poison in large amounts) or vegetable oils. These are called inflammatory foods because they create inflammation in the body. The more you eat these stressful foods, the more your body tryes to fix the damage with cholesterol. See where this is leading? One day you wake up (or don't wake up) with clogged arteries, because there just is too much bandade! This is whats going on. You go to a doctor. Get your cholesterol levels measured, you got too high, which can cause you to get a hearth attack. Where does cholesterol come from? Foods with lots of saturated fats. So you cut the saturated fats. Now your risk of hearth attack is decreased. What have we done here? Answer: We have shot the messenger! This is not the cure! Because it causes another types of problems, like for example obesity. Cholesterol is a messenger, there is something wrong. And we shot that messenger. Instead we should have aimed our gun at the source of the problem, the real evil at the root. Inflammatory foods.
  6. Yeah. tortilliachp: saturated bad, unsaturated good. NorthernHero: saturated good, unsaturated bad.
  7. I know we've been discussing about this before but saturated fat has got a bad name for no reason at all. We have been eating saturated fat as long as we have been eating meat. So you could say we have evolved to eat it and it is part of our natural diet. It isn't poison. So where where does this arrogance come that this new invention, vegetable oils are better for us? We have been eating them for very very short time compared to animal fats. They need very hight rate of technology to be produced. There are many cases of evidense where a population had no heart or cardiovascular diseaces before but then after their diet got westernised (vegetable oils, grains) they suddenly got those diseaces in them, plus bunch of others.. Sorry i'm slipping out of original topic, just had to state that.
  8. Please excuse me if i'm saying something irrelevant or something already said before but let me tell you why diets like atkins and other carbohydrate restriction diets work better than fat restriction diets in cutting weight (non caloric restriction). It all comes down to insulin. 1.Insulin is the hormone which makes energy turn to fat. 2.Insulin is created only when you have carbohydrates in your body. So practically you could eat a can of lard and actually lose weight that day, debending on your activity level. Now i've never tested this, altought I do eat hella lot of fat every day. I even eat my eggs or semi fatty meat with butter on the side. The exess fat which isn't used for energy or body functhions goes away with your urine. Your body a creates a small amount of carbohydrates everyday for it's needs, but if you don't eat any, it will be a very small amount of insulin you will be having in your body.
  9. Chocholate. (99,9% chocholate powder mixed in cold water.) Also sometimes I drink energy drink before workout to give me that extra boost.
  10. "I thought I was thinking, but then I realised I was just thinking thoughts of another men." - Don't know who
  11. NorthernHero

    Coconut Juice

    ...So you joined the forums just to tell us to drink coconut juice?
  12. Yeah, I definetely agree with you romy. I wasn't disagreeing with you in the first place you know.
  13. I disagree. Over analysing can definitely hurt you. A whole lot. I think it has to do how you analyze things. Pondering over one problem for days is definetely not the way to go. Over anylyzing is, pardon my crude language here please, it is nerdish. Doesn't mean you don't have to face your problems and that you can sweep them under a mat though. Instead you should realise what is happening and accept it. Don't judge anything, nothing is right or wrong, no expectations either. Just take the problem at hand as it is and then think what you want to happen. Next: take action and change the problem if you so choose. Then you are free to move on.
  14. ^ Oh that seems like a good program u have there. If you can do 100 consecutive pushups, you can most definetely say youre 'fit'.
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