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  1. Hey I saw you and indeed someone tried to make all people attack you. There was also a guy, I dont remember exact name, something like vviddvid, lvl 123? I saw him and his friends kill alot of tip iters, but I didnt dare to kill him :(
  2. Nice fight! I got a rune 2 handed and scimitar so Im happy :P
  3. I can't get in :( And I thought it would start at 8 o clock?
  4. Pretty much altough I did it all afk ;) gives me room to work for school or play a game. And I mined about 200 rune ores, I have bought 600k arrows now for 5 each, but now some days later I see some people selling for 4 each :cry: Ah well, runemining went great, it seems better then it used to be, I made about 500k per hour I think :) And thanks for the support everyone :D I am closing in on lvl 80 ranging, I will post a picture then so you will see how it goes.
  5. Yup that's right I see that you have made some real early posts :D Now I have been busy with runemining last week and it went great, I was never even close to being killed and there were blue rocks alot of the time! Now I have 99 ranged banked, now I hope there are some people who sell alot of cheap arrows.
  6. Now I am now busy shooting out some arrows lying around in my bank, I might buy some more bronze arrows and afk again, the new update makes it much cheaper :D
  7. Well ofcourse the update makes aircrafting harder. If they set a low store price the street price will collapse, that means aircrafters have to sell their air runes for much lower and that means the aircrafter will miss out a great deal of cash, making the skill harder (because also here in runescape, time=money) I can see that aircrafters are not happy about this update because it makes things harder for them, but mauranius think of this, at least you have done a big part already so you won't miss out so much cash in the end, and later in the future, this update will make your runecrafting xp more valuable! People who owned a great deal of bronze arrows were hurt much more by this update, so you can consider yourself lucky compared to them . Anyway I wish the best of luck to you for 99 rc :D
  8. I am just back from my vacation and it was great! :D
  9. Hm Im a little confused :? Anyway grats again if you have it and if not good luck :D
  10. Thanks, now I think I am going to work on my kebab guide again.
  11. Maybe, I have still got thousands left :P
  12. Now the kebab doesn't damage HP anymore, it is even a better food now!
  13. Congratulations for 99 fishing, sorry I did not buy the feathers :oops:
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