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  1. This. This so much. I did know a few of them and didn't know they botted though. Do any of them use tif? edit: I recognise this name. I recognise both this name AND the name of the poster. Which one?
  2. Helpful French phrases: Hello! = Casse toi! How are you? = Va te faire foutre, trouduc? I like your shirt = J'ai baisé ta mère Salad, please = Salaud, salope Bye bye, take care! = Brûle en enfe! This didn't help
  3. yo, also it seems like every time you come in skype you burst out in ???????????????????'s in response to my wall of text i type up when you are offline. lmfa0
  4. M8 I just realised bottom right isn't a 50/50, the mine next to the 2 is a definite. RIP. Rough...
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