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  1. Just mystic and rune pk's nothing special. Only my first pk vid, be nice :) Farcasting: Don't like farcasting? Buy a bow, its no big deal. Stats: 99 range 94 mage 87 def Youtube link : [bad quality] Filefront link [better quality] : http://files.filefront.com/Pk+vid+1+betawmv/;8804106;/fileinfo.html
  2. its just the special attack, it wont do anything and can hardly hit like it was on the first day of release.
  3. hey, some of you know that I recently made a video of me testing the dark bow and hitting very high. Well, the next day we returned to make another video proving it could hit through armour, although we have been shocked. The dark bow was struggling to hit, mostly hitting 8,8 sometimes 15,8 etc although it did hit ONE 30. At first we thought it was my friends high defence but we we're in for a suprise. As i started testing it on lower levels it still wouldn't produce hits and continued hitting 8s and sometimes 20, with 1 more 30. By this time i was concerned and getting very irritated. I have screen pics and footage of the dark bow being, personally what i think is a nerfed bow, although jagex have not said anything so i cannot say it is *officialy* nerfed. I will post screen shots tomorow and maybe make a "nerfed bow" vid. :x :x
  4. hey, for some of you who wanted to see dark bow used against armour, now is your chance although it is being videod and will be on youtube within the next few days. Its being filmed at my house NOW world 23 rimmington portal, feel free to come down and watch.
  5. Well i had alot of people turn up to the "testing sessions", if people would donate i could do another 2 sessions. It cost me around 160k-170k to run just those 2 sessions.
  6. my range level is 97 and yes I used a range pot with pray.
  7. well as many of you know the dark bows came out today and i <3 range so i thought to myself, i've got the cash, so why not? Anyway, here is the vid i made of me using the specs and hitting kinda high 8-) feel free to rate and comment EDIT: I did test the bow on a level 116 with rune legs, fighter torso, zerker etc (a commenly used PK outfit) with 80 defence and I could hit 30s just as easily and the bow has a 100% chance of hitting which means it cannot hit 0-0. If i get some donations I will do some more test sessions and put another video up.
  8. world 96 just south of port sarim jail last night, there had to be around 50 of them cutting willows. Personally i think they should have a patrol of jagex mods hopping worlds but staying at the same location just banning all they see.
  9. Best Idea i have ever seen on any forum, i really do hope jagex do this, it would make life so much easier. Great idea guys!! :thumbsup: =D>
  10. Try killing dragons, i find maging or ranging blue drags not too bad, then sell the hides and bones.
  11. Good Idea! I support!Would be Very Useful. :thumbsup:
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