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  1. Go to the site! Fill out some stupid surveys and make a ton of free REAL cash. No credit cards or anything needed! Just make a paypal account and you're good to go!
  2. nirvana is better although their drummer isnt that original, he usualy has the same basic drum beat with different fills.
  3. To live is to die, orion and call of ktlulu are the best :P, and yes they are all by metallica
  4. o and for my sig if u didnt relise put goten_trunks for the name
  5. can i have 1 o.o have sum 1 in full rune killing sum 1 :o... if possible make it look kinda rs classicy cuz thats what i play now.
  6. http://www.freeworldonline.com thoughtu wont beable to paly right away but add to favorites so u can find out when there allowing sign ups again :wink:
  7. every guild thats is f2p but mining and crafting =\... lol zeekybomb did u see the demented cartoon movie to :lol:
  8. they should add although u need low aquirements jagex dosnt listen to ppl much
  9. maybe cuz alot of those level 3s are autominers :roll:
  10. yay just like i wanted it :D see look penguin rule da world :twisted: he was controling lightningt so never be evil to penguins.. ever :twisted:
  11. can u make me a sig with my name of course... and have a shadow of a penguin on a mountain... hopethat wont be hard.. if it is tell me ..
  12. goten_trunks


    thanks and nice sig u got :D
  13. goten_trunks


    oo k ill say thanks now cuz i wont be on in like an hour or so thanks :mrgreen:
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