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  1. No real tut. Its just drawing with MSPaint or photoshop, pixel by pixel. Have patience and dont give up with it! :wink: :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  2. ..Wow. :shock: Thats REALLY really good! I can see people paying money for something like that! 10/10. Keep it up! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  3. Gl on the shop guys! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  4. Sure. It'll be done by Wed. :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  5. Rock on! I've been playing drums for about a year now, got my kit around 10 months ago. I play all the stuff, and im making a Punk-Rock/Rock. Awsome times. :D :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  6. Pirates own all. I read my past life i was a pirate, and concider myself a modern day pirate. :D ...And a bottle of rum! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  7. Later dude! Woot, im gone too. :D :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  8. Gl with the shop! :D :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  9. Chibi style is a style of Magna (Or anime). The heads are bigger than normal and the bodies are smaller than normal, and are ment to be funny. Nice sig! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  10. !st off, open PS. To to Help and type in 'Extract". It'll teach you. :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  11. Bottom one. It stands out alot more. :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  12. Your not! Its those pixel stealers and fake sig artists. :roll: :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  13. Make it bricked. Looks alot cooler. Nice word btw! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
  14. Gl with the shop m8! :twisted: F!r3$70r/\/\ :twisted:
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