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  1. whats up bro, long time no see. drop me a pm of your new msn or something.
  2. I bet your my left ball that was a 75K kill with one of your friends. :thumbsup:
  3. I always have over 100 Sets. 120ish currently. :twisted:
  4. Lol @ u dittos, Orange [email protected]@@@ Looking good \
  5. lolol funniest post ever. lemme get home and i post 50 pics of those froobs dead for "blue sticks" sm0ke n' belm0nt was the only two who could catch there. Owned by 40 7 63 Ty and gf.
  6. Lol, Sad how you just list a whole crapload of PC producted stuff no lifed at Pc for 2 months, Sorry to tell you, there is no famous Rs2 pkers, It takes no real skill to become good at it, thats why.
  7. Infact i have not seen him for like a year, Though yesterday i saw him FIVE times, three times of them in Edge, 1 at fally and one in camelot, So guess whos baaaaack? =P~
  8. Ah, I saw this coming already long ago, Ive always had and have great respect for you and Duke <3, and ive never though its either bad to manip. the prices or Real world item trade, whatever float your boats works for me. =D> Nice post indeed, and as people say nowadays; Gf R2pleasent.
  9. Yeha it's in edgeville just outside the bank, THanks alot for all the tips and c/c, I guess i'll do 2 versions off the next sig, a rsc one with black outlines and a tip.it one with coloured ones :twisted: . \
  10. thanks all, And na, Im not ever gonna remove my black lines, used it for over 3 years soon and still think it looks bette than coloured lines, wont happend, sry
  11. Just want to show yall my latest pixel C/C and Comments are always welcome :ohnoes:
  12. Any more cc...? :// no1 havent posted for like 30 hours :cry: :cry:
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