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  1. New keyboard is okay. It doesn't type as much like a MacBook keyboard as it looks (which is weird, I can't explain it), and it takes some getting used to if you're coming over from using a PC keyboard a lot. But, if you're a proficient typer and you don't need much "feedback" on your keystrokes, this thing is golden (and blazing fast). However, for the standard typer, I would say there's a bit of a learning curve as well as some getting used to the "feel" of the keys. Overall I would say it's a positive upgrade - old iMac keyboard was a bit clunky in my opinion (and the keys would stick.. so I guess they went from one extreme to the other). Two things: 1) You don't ACTUALLY believe that millions of people have purchased the iMac SOLELY for its form factor? Yes that's a perk but that's far from the main draw. The computer is simply a good value for Mac users and crossovers. 2) You can upgrade after you buy. For this model, they made the entire back plate removable by unscrewing one screw. Easy access to whatever you want to upgrade. The only valid contention against "upgradeability" is the cost - but Data Management Systems and Kingston sell considerably cheaper Mac-compatible hardware than Apple itself. As for the cords quip - forget the aesthetics; I assure you that installing new peripherals and changing wiring components is considerably more difficult on my desktop PC than the iMac because everything gets tangled. Perhaps my cord arrangements are not as skilfully orchestrated as yours, but I find this to be a matter of convenience.
  2. I don't think he needs the Extended edition lol :P
  3. Just bought one :D. They are amazing. PS: If you want superb performance, I would strongly recommend upgrading the RAM. I upped mine a little bit from 1 GB to 2 GB of RAM, and it flies through Final Cut Pro renders like it's nothing :shock: Good buy, good buy. 10/10. iLife '08 is AMAZING by the way :)
  4. I guess it really depends on what you're going to use it for. I would get iLife '08 - Apple did an amazing job with it. Also, get Leopard (the next version of Mac OS X) when it comes out in October. Final Cut Pro and Photoshop are good, but do you know how to use them? You have a MacBook Pro so you have a lot of potential to do whatever you want with it, but again, what do YOU want to do with it?
  5. You know, reading this, I realized something: When I started playing this game, it was just that, a game (that Andrew, Paul, and Ian were working hard to just make better). No stupid random events, no tedious mining motions. Sure there were useless items, and sure there was a boatload of clicking, but it was fundamentally an entertainment experience. Now it's a business first, a game second. Jagex will devise an infinite number of ways to divert your attention so as to lengthen your membership and turn a profit. Personally I think horses would be a fantastic addition to RuneScape. And if there are dragon swords, daggers, battleaxes, dragon woodcutting axes, dragon armor -- why shouldn't there be a dragon pickaxe? I'm sorry is logic a fallacy? :roll: Lol great post. I think I may have finally done the necessary introspection to finally lay my RuneScape days to rest. \
  6. Yeah, it is automatic each month. As for your other question, what country are you in? That may have something to do with it (or not, because 7.95 is the monthly fee for PayByCash I believe... that's strange... they may have mis-billed you - contact them I say!)
  7. http://www.phpbbhacks.com/download/5288 Word of caution: Haven't tried this myself, but I think the website is fairly reliable. Is that what you're looking for? Not sure how you want it particularly implemented, but it's worth a shot I guess :)
  8. Yeah, this amount will get added to your monthly phone bill. Hope that helps :)
  9. I think it might be a Java issue. Here's what you can do: First, go to RuneScape.com. Then, click "Start a new subscription". Then click "Pay by Debit or Credit card". Then choose your card type (you know the drill), and when you get to this screen: click on the link that's boxed in red: Then enter your username and password on the new page that comes up. Let me know how it goes :)
  10. In my opinion it would be the rocks in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (the ones you get to through the cave - the one where you start the Eyes of Glouphrie quest). None of the clay mines are particularly close to a bank, so you're not really going to see a massive advantage one way or another. But, yeah, I'd say Tree Gnome Stronghold. :|
  11. There might be some third party program/hack that I'm not aware of that might be able to do this, but here's something you can do that's built into Windows (assuming you're using Windows): Let's say you have Windows Media Player open and you're watching a movie. You also have RS open in a web browser or the client or whatever. Go to the taskbar (the bar adjacent to the start button), and click on the web browser task icon (or whatever they're called), and then hold down Control, and right-click the Media Player task icon, then click 'Tile Vertically' (or Horizontally if you prefer). I know this is a little confusing to understand, so I've included some pictures: Right, so when you have one window open, Control+Right-Click on the other window's icon you want open at the same time, and then you should see this menu. Left-click on Tile Vertically/Horizontally, and you'll get... This: The above image is a representation of the effect you'd receive. The image cut very sloppily for some reason (my image editing program is acting a little strange recently), but you'd be able to see more of the movie screen and whatnot. Is this what you're looking for? Let me know if you have any questions :)
  12. Smokie


    Well the situation leads me to one of two conclusions: a) The strength of your friendship is in great question if a game - and that too a horribly petty aspect of that game (it's not like you stole his party hat) - can draw you apart :-k or B) Your friend is acting a little immature and if he's not going to get over this, then he's probably not much of a friend at all. As for a solution: Have you talked to him personally? Or just over RS/internet/phone? Once school starts you'll probably have to confront him face to face, and it's going to be a lot harder for him to ignore what you have to say. Plan out some well-reasoned arguments and think about how to deliver them effectively. What he wants to hear from you is some kind of concession - that you SHOULD have mined him essence. Assuming that you weren't rude in saying no, I would suggest telling him that you are more than willing to help him out in other parts of the game, like quests he hasn't finished that you have, and things of that nature. However, you should delicately point out that mining essence is a tedious task that you don't gain a whole lot from. Make it clear (but again, delicately) that it's slightly unfair of him to ask you to do it for him, since it takes away from your playing time and enjoyment. And really, essence? You've got be joking. Anyone with a pickaxe could do that... He'll be slightly enraged by this argument, and he'll be rallying himself to a retort and a further complication of the situation. Before he can do that, mollify him by telling him that he's a really good friend and you'd hate to ruin things over this small scuffle. Bringing up some sort of inside joke or catchphrase you/your group of friends uses, if you can work it in, might help also. Good luck :). Dealing with people is the probably the single largest challenge in most people's lives (the malnourished and the diseased aside :(), so even if you don't manage to repair your friendship, you'll be wiser for it.
  13. Wayyyy back in the day when Bluerose13x had just got 99 smithing (the first to do so), the coal market exploded. I forget how much it sold for, but it was quite a sum as I remember having nearly 400k at one point (which in those days was crazy good - green party hat was 200k in those days for perspective). I was a level 12 with 62 mining all said and done lol. Then that market subsided and I quit for some months. 50-60ish combat I thieved a lot of natures - they sold for 400 gp each at one point, as I recall. Somehow I always managed to squander my money ... :-k
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