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  1. Sabres and messiahs, darn those cabbage patch gates! oh dear you have died.
  2. That will add a bit of spice, but I have to wonder if there is anyone left....
  3. The smithing side I can not really think of too many changes. High alch keeps the price of things in a rough equilibrium. Mining, no idea on that one.
  4. whoa, we just got a cape with stats.... and now useful boots? Shame I will have to hang up the Beegees referenced footwear.
  5. might be that chrome no longer supports java. And yeah the name thing makes sense, but still stinks I lost a few of my accounts; just feels like they are not the same as before.
  6. Are there any f2p centered clan/guest/friend/(whatever they are now called) chats. I am burning bones and there is not a whole lot of interaction going on... and would like to talk/read conversations.
  7. Just read "To Terra" then watched "Toward the Terra" Gotta say I liked each format. Both played to their strengths, it was good to see.
  8. I do wish I had the monies to be able to re-play halo 2(without all the rampant cheating). I am pretty sure I had the most fun playing that one, but it was ~10 years ago, rose tinted much? Auto-aim sniper swipe kills! hmmmm I still feel halo 2 had the best map variety, small, big, symetrical, asym, just really good layouts. Halo 2 was also the last "tongue and cheek" slightly silly, not serious campaign. So that holds up. Also very few invisible walls, I loved just walking around outside the map, both campaign and multi-player.
  9. I was curious if it was the system not working, or just people who do not care about the system.
  10. I know, it is weird, with the prayer update, my prayer is now covered.... and it is time to move all xp lamps to mining..... very odd feeling.
  11. on the f2p side the ankou rework put them on the same gp/hr as roach soliders ~30% from coins ~30% from addy arrows rest a mix from yew logs, deaths, mith ore, mith chain, and mith 2h . Ankou give greater xp/hr so that is neat.
  12. All the revs became much easier to kill post EOC, which put the knight and dark beast from almost un-soloble to impractical to solo. Oh well, thanks for the replies, I saw that the combat levels of things moved about so I thought maybe it was do-able; but no such luck.
  13. Hey, do we have any non-quest monsters(besides revs) who are over cmb 100? I remember red spiders and hellhounds were at one point, but when I went looking the reds were down to 95, and the hellhounds 92ish.
  14. oh ok thanks everyone. I just did not know if it was a special kind of BXP, but since it is not, shrug.
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