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  1. Good luck! I'll be rooting for DI Since I really don't like DS lol
  2. I will not be editing or updating this anymore, I have other stuff to do now, I don't want to keep having to look back on it. Mods can edit it if they wish.
  3. Believe me, Oergg, I'm not happy to see some of those drama queens up there either, and frankly a lot of them have been rude to me in the past, but hey I'm not holding a grudge for a bitty list. Its as useless as arguments for the top 20 clans.
  4. Like I said, don't get pissed if people are missing, its a hard list to make. I am unsure about auntmidge she is the only one I have never heard of, I'll need more confirmation about her from other old school players. And Gugge very sorry about that, you should be up there
  5. This is not exactly a list of respect swordwarior, some are respected, some are not, either way its of those who made an impact, in both positive and negative ways. There are a few names on there that I would love to take off if I could. Just to confirm, I thought Gugge was a guy? No offence, I haven't got a clue but if not I'll put her up there I will stop editing this post in 2 days by the way. (Got other things to do lol)
  6. Wanderers thats it Oh, and BDK, the Unforgiven struggled with them.
  7. MI isnt worth talking about at this point in time, shall we get back to the greatest clans of all time? I would say: RSD Sabres DI (They are newer but have proved their lasting power, and they will be remembered in the future) Gladz BK Zeonic Force 'The' There is a clan I forgot the name of back in RSC, that made a huge impression on me, several people may have mentioned it but I cant be bothered to look back right now lol
  8. Anymore that have been missed out? Don't bite my head off if a name is missing! Updated so far Would really appreciate some real information on the names without a description - not 'They were a good friend and nice person' they need something a bit more than that
  9. Please dont blame me for what information is there, its from anyone who had any information about them, its not like the information is 'my opinion' of them so if its vague, leave me be lol. Added the suggested ones, Its true I remember Tks and ashley, no one had mentioned them in the survey Alphas Queen IS Pepsi24 so I will not include both names.
  10. ***NOTE:NOT EDITING THIS ANYMORE, REMIND YOURSELVES THAT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE NAMES 'MISSING'*** It seems the most successful gender in this game has always been the men. But who were the women who made a strong impact on the early RuneScape society? Now that RuneScape holds so many women nowadays, who were the originals? In 2005 I carried out a huge survey amongst the older people of runescape, to find out who was remembered. These were the names that came up. Of course it is not accurate but there is no accurate way in the end. ****THERE WILL BE MISTAKES, IF ANY INFORMATION IS WRONG PLEASE POST AND I WILL ALTER IT, ALSO IF ANY INFORMATION IS FOUND OFFENSIVE I WILL ALTER IT, ALSO ANY INFORMATION FOR THE NAMES WITH NO DESCRIPTION WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED**** ****INFORMATION WAS CORRECT AT THE TIME OF SURVEY**** So here are the ladies mentioned in alphabetical order: A E R I S Alanta Amazonia Angelqueen Annamarie A S H L E Y - Ashley - Good all round player Avi - Perhaps the most criticised girl for pking in the wilderness, with her famous saying 'I Love 2 pk' Babyluv Bifa Blick - Known to have made an impact in the pking scene, first female to 99 range Bluerose13x - Was the best rune smither in RuneScape Bubbles30 Buffyslayer - a good pker in the early days Bwareofmef - Used to be a player moderator, but still a forum mod (In RS) Ctlove - Known to have had a lot of men (don't know what this means :shock: ) Darealkelly Doomflight - was one of the first female's to reach 99 woodcutting, if not the first Druzila Eleannah - One of the few females to have high defence in comparison to the rest of her combat statistics Flower2003 - Known as Pepsi's daughter, was often criticised Forsakenmage - Longtime tip.it staff member! Galaxyg - Previously thought of as a guy, only recently (or 3 years ago) it has been revealed that this quiet player with high statistics on F2P is a girl Goneril - was a great overall player and was known for high crafting Gugge - You do deserve to be on here! Hornedangel I Goddess I - One of the founders of Damage Incorporated, also a reputation for being several things (lol) Julesamazonq - Patriotic woman Just4u2nv - One of the first plate pures, with 1 magic, 99 str\90hp + 90ish combat Kulrich - Previously helped lead Damage Incorporated Ladydejavu Lady Elenasg Lady Lynda - Currently ranked 4th in strength Ladykilljoy - First woman to make the top of combat hiscores Lady Piggy Leza - did run a lot of games when the first version of official boards were up. Had a lot of positive influence on the community Lightning - Don't you miss Thunder? Lilcutiepie Lilyuffie88 - Is now known as the current female Zezima, from Eastern Europe Ltangel - First to 99 crafting Lyllith Mayana Meili Meiessiah - Known for her kindness Mimosa Mystical25 - Longtime ex-leader of The BlacKnights Mysticsmagic - first player to be able to make diamond amulets Orchid Tea Pepsi24 - Most controversial female of RSC, ran the New Era forums, also reknowned for her next character Alphas Queen Pixey1 - Famous for the pixie rivalry between her and Stoned Pixie Platinumkitt - Was often criticised by other players Queendemoni Rose13lood Runegurl675 Samanthanz - Eventually made the top of hiscores for combat, a patriot for New Zealand Sandytrain - A top player from RSC Shacoya - The first girl to attain high herblaw skills in the early RSC days Sneaky One - Longtime leader of The Gladiatorz Stoned Pixie - One of the first girls to attain 99 strength at a low combat, led the BlacKnights at its peak ThirtyFifty8 - Known as one of the best stakers in RS1 Tks - First to 99 in both fishing and cooking Tronsqueen - Known for her extensive RuneScape family and ability to be motherly Uloveme - An avid player of RuneScape, often dubbed the female Zezima in old RSC, from China Uni Love - Known for her unlucky string of boyfriends Vgc Missy Whispering2t Willowweave X Glory X Xsofiax - Just wants to have fun in the wilderness Yamataka - Helped lead The Darq Syde and now a leader for Mystic Knights Zyphriss
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