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  1. Really nice! For some reason you see more drag drops from slay tasks at metal drags.. Gj :) Ps. the "R.I.P mom and dad" in your sig made me pretty emotional.. just wanted to say it, gl.
  2. Really really nice! Great you're still 60 attack, maybe get some ranged for hp levels, I rate a 10/10 still.
  3. Actually he just said he ahs the msb's at the bottom of his bank because he withdraws en deposits it alot.. Nice strategy, i would like to stake you in a while if you'd like, but just for fun seeing u quit staking... pm me if ur interested ;)
  4. Range stakers at that level will probably find about 1 person a week who will actually, seriously stake, as they're all the same. No armour, then use Dark bow spec, then rune knifes. Its all the same... In world 22, the only stakers i see are rangers using Granite- so Granite stakers, or low level mage stakers staking high. Im not saying he didn't win any of it, but i dont believe he won 44m doing it. I just told u, I have a staker myself too, and i know how range staking is like, and there are a lot of stakers wo want to stake me seriously. altho some are the same.. they do stake me serious, who cares if we are the same stats.. its about how we hit. and most of them stake armour on these days, u say u know so much about it? go actually look in w22 and see lvl 45's stake range vs eachother. it's not how u think it's like, if u really want to know how it's like u should try make a range staker, get it up to 60-70 range and stake..
  5. Well... seeing as his combat will be around 46?45?.. hes a range staker, and range stakers do well at that level, u have to know that if u say u know alot about staking.... I have a range staker myself, hes 65 range and I'm up alot too, I don't think hes using mage.... Gj :D.. nice bank.. seeing as you started from 300k, have u been cleaned once? or just been up. Gl in the future =D>
  6. Wub u too! =P~ Keep on posting ppl:Dkeep this thread alive, posting new bank in a bit.
  7. Well, i dont know how many times i have to say this, but i said i mainly hang out with friends. i dont train, i said this before, i guess ppl dont read that =\ Lol, don't listen to them. Add me in-game. I'll give you tips and what-not. "Im_For_Guard" U sound cool man :o.. I think u do gud, kep on going having fun with your friends :D
  8. well, all that "haters" thingy wont help him get any better with those comments, he just is happy to get back to the game, not to show off or anything =\
  9. still is good to soo there are some ppl left that arent no-lifing to get skills or pixels.. Although it isnt that great, but then again, it looks like u rly enjoy playing this game, and thats what matters ;) keep on going!
  10. lefty,jonni and abby, Thank you very much guys, would be awesome :D. Also, other replies, wub ya ;) :oops:
  11. \ If u dont mind givin m away, that would be awesome :o I would greatly appreciate that :D
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